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Profile In Courage - Benazir Bhutto

By Da King Published: December 28, 2007


Benazir Bhutto knew she was risking her life by returning to Pakistan. By directly confronting the extremist Islamic elements there, such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the madrassas, the radical imams, and radical elements within the Pakistani government, Bhutto knew she was venturing into the very heart of darkness of Islamic terrorism. She made no secret that it was the tyrranical terrorist element she was coming to fight against, by instituting democratic reforms, by removing military rule, by appealing to the vast majority of moderate Pakistanis. Bhutto had even condoned the use of NATO forces to eradicate Al Qaeda and other terrorist factions from the tribal regions in Waziristan, a move the Musharraf government had rejected. The Musharraf government turned against the terrorist element mainly because it's other option was to incur the post 9/11 wrath of the United States, most indelicately stated as being 'bombed back to the stone age'. Yet, even in turning against the radical Islamists, even though Musharraf did apprehend more terrorists than any country other than the USA, he seemed to be playing both sides of the fence, as he tried to juggle the opposing interests of the jihadists and the free world. Democratic reform was not coming under Musharraf, and the Pakistani people increasingly lost confidence in his government. The january elections in Pakistan, if fairly held, would have seen Benazir Bhutto return as prime minister, and led to a probable sharing of power between herself and Musharraf.

The biggest losers in a Bhutto return to power would have been the Islamofascists, no question about that. They knew it. They tried to kill Bhutto last october, and they have wanted to kill her since the 90's. I'm sure there was joy among Al Qaeda and the other like-minded subhuman scum when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated yesterday. In typical fashion, after the assassin shot Bhutto, he detonated a bomb, killing himself and a number of other innocent people. We've seen this scene play out way too many times. When will the world stop tolerating this ?

Now, we must endure our own media and the partisans, with their typical 'who do we blame ?' attitude. Blaming the actual killers evidently never occurs to them. Last night, I already heard elements blaming Bush for pushing democracy in Pakistan (as if he's supposed to push for something else ?). I heard elements blaming Condoleeza Rice for encouraging Benazir Bhutto (as if the decision to return to Pakistan was made by anyone other than Bhutto herself). I heard elements playing that old tune that Pakistan isn't ready for democracy (bs, and racist bs as well. 99% of Pakistan IS ready for and desires democratic reforms). I even heard some american presidential candidates say that Bhutto's death proves that we should vote for them, because they have foreign policy experience (one more great argument for limited government).

Benazir Bhutto's death is a tragedy. She died for her country, and if anything positive is to come from it, it will be when her reforms are CARRIED OUT. It will be because the Pakistani people realize what Bhutto represented was the correct path, which is the path against tyrrany. You don't abandon that path because it is difficult. The path of least resistance isn't usually the correct one, and it certainly isn't in Pakistan. My hope is that after the initial shock of this crime is absorbed, the good people in Pakistan and the rest of the world realize that, and act accordingly. When heinous acts like this are carried out, it is the terrorists who should end up paying a hundredfold, not the innocent. It's my hope that's what happens here.

For Bhutto's speech following the october 2007 attempt on her life, click here.

"The only people who are safe are militants because they will not be attacked by the peaceful people. And we will not be intimidated by this minority. This is a battle for democracy. We want to avoid bloodshed. We want to avoid loss of life. But, if it means sacrificing our lives to save Pakistan and to save democracy because we believe democracy alone can save Pakistan from disintegration and a militant takeover then we are prepared to risk our lives and we are prepared to risk our liberty."

Benazir Bhutto
Former Pakistani Prime Minister & PPP chairperson
October 20, 2007

Amen, and rest in peace, Benazir Bhutto. The tyrants can silence one voice, but they can't silence them all, unless we allow it.



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