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Profiles In Lunacy: Ed Schultz

By Da King Published: November 13, 2010

The following video has MSNBC host Ed Schultz complaining about Rush Limbaugh's use of the race card directed at Democrats:

Where do I even start ? First, we have Schultz talking about restoring decency on the airwaves after he just called Limbaugh "the Drugster." Then he rails against Limbaugh using the race card after MSNBC has used the race card against the Tea Party movement nonstop for nearly two years. MSNBC plays the race card against Republicans every single chance they get, and Schultz plays the race card against Republicans in this very segment where he's complaining about Limbaugh playing the race card. Then Schultz introduces the professional race card player Al Sharpton to complain about Limbaugh playing the race card. What, was Sharpton upset that Limbaugh encroached onto Sharpton's turf ? Then Schultz calls for a McCarthyist "decency law" to stop those like Limbaugh. Then Sheila Jackson Lee calls for a return of the Fairness Doctrine (to get people like Limbaugh off the air, but not the "decent" folks over at MSNBC, of course). Insanity reigns supreme.

MSNBC calling for decency on the airwaves, calling for an end to usage of the race card ??? Give me a major break, already. MSNBC's nighttime hosts make their living by being indecent. This is a case of double standards gone wild, a prime example of MSNBC types being able to dish it out, but not being able to take it. It's not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it, liberals ? It's not so much fun when somebody calls your people racists, is it, you clueless hypocrites ? When the race card is played against Democrats, pot-calling-the-kettle-black folks like Ed Schultz start whining for censorship. Blow it out your tailpipe, Schultz. Once you start holding yourself to the same standards of decency to which you try to hold your political opponents, then we can talk about decency. Until then, you only make us all laugh at your phony concern.

For those not familiar with the "decency" of Ed Schultz, here's a video of him calling conservatives "the forces of evil." Here's a video where the libnut Schultz says Republicans want you dead, that Republicans like it when you die. That was about healthcare reform. Here's Schultz calling Republicans "hate merchants." I could go on and on.

"Decency" has no place in the realm of Ed Schultz. He pushes hatred, and then has a hissy fit when he thinks Rush Limbaugh is using the same tactics. What an ass.

This is no defense of Limbaugh. If anything, I see Limbaugh and Schultz as being similiar persons (though Schultz seems far more unstable), willing to say anything for their "side." But what I don't see is Limbaugh or any other conservative trying to shut down the other side's speech. Such glaring hypocrisy comes almost exclusively from the left, which should clue us all in to what they are really about. The answer to crazy speech isn't censorship. The answer to it is MORE SPEECH.

Truth be told, Schultz wants to BE a left-wing version of Limbaugh. He even threatened to burn down MSNBC when he thought they weren't promoting his crazy show enough, saying "I'm going to torch this ****ing place." Reportedly, MSNBC officials said they'd fire him if he did anything like that again, and Schultz broke down crying.

I leave you with this final video of the "decency" of Ed Schultz:

"Shove those [Republican] bastards right into the dirt hole !!!" says the "decent" Ed Schultz. Umm-hmmm. Lecture me again about decency, Ed. You tool.



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