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Public Sector Unions Explained

By Da King Published: April 22, 2011

Here's Andrew Klavan of PJTV to explain why you should support public sector unions. Enjoy:

To sum up, public sector unions pay big money to elect Democrats, and then Democrats reciprocate by giving more and more money to public sector unions, all at taxpayer expense, of course. Once elected to office, all the Democrats have to do is rinse, cycle, and repeat. Some might call this mutuallly beneficial backscratching collusionary, but Democrats prefer to call it "the democratic process". The unions like to call it "collective bargaining rights". Meanwhile the taxpayers, who have no union and make far less in wages and benefits than do public sector unions workers, are what is commonly known in this con game as the "marks". The entire process of public sector union "collective bargaining" is designed to shakedown the marks, er, the taxpayers, for money. The ideal scenario, from the viewpoint of Democrats and public sector unions, is to have the bought and paid for Democrats oversee the "collective bargaining" process with the unions. This is roughly equivalent to having Congress vote for it's own salary increases. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that vote will turn out ('why yes, I think I will vote to increase my own salary ! What a country !').

There's only one thing that keeps this con from being perfect, and that one thing IS the democratic process. You see, it is possible that the voters will choose to elect non-Democrats to office, and those non-Democrats just might choose to NOT increase the taxpayer-funded spoils of public sector unions, especially at a time when federal, state, and local governments are all deeply in debt and on a path to national bankruptcy. That's what happened in the last election, and the Democrats and public sector unions didn't like it one bit. When the democratic process doesn't go their way, into their pockets, they immediately stop referring to it as the "democratic process", and immediately start referring to it as "fascist". They start painting Hitler mustaches on the faces of non-Democrat politicians who aren't adding to the public sector union booty. They call for those non-Democrat politicians to be immediately removed from office. They protest. They charge the statehouse. Democrats go into hiding to avoid votes they don't like. And if none of that works, they threaten and resort to violence. So much for the democratic process. These thugs aren't interested in the democratic process whatsoever. What they are interested in is getting what they want, and what they want is M-O-N-E-Y. They want YOUR money, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, and they don't give a damn whether you can afford it or not. They don't give a damn if they already make a lot more money than you, have a lot better benefits than you, and get to retire with full pensions fifteen years earllier than you...and then they have the nerve to frame their lust for your money as a civil rights issue, with public sector union members playing the role of the poor victimized souls. Sorry, but that bird just doesn't fly. It doesn't come close to getting off the ground.

Some Democrat/public sector union member reading my little tirade will no doubt say something like this - 'NO, King, you have it all wrong ! This isn't about money ! It's about our sacred right to collective bargaining ! The Republicans are trying to take our rights away from us, and that's wrong !!!' if collective bargaing rights are about anything other than money. Don't think so. I was born, but it wasn't yesterday. If public sector union members truly want to sit at a bargaining table and negotiate, let the people sitting across from them at that table be from an organized group advocating for taxpayer rights instead of a bunch of union-bought Democrats or other politicians who are beholden to union campaign donations. President Obama himself even openly acknowledged that he "owed" the unions. We don't have collective bargaining now. We have a sham designed to enrich the unions at the expense of the taxpayers, and when on the rare occasion things don't go the unions way, such as now, we see the true colors of the public sector unions emerge. It ain't pretty.



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