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By Da King Published: July 26, 2010

Why do we have annual deficits over a trillion dollars ?

Democrats say it's because of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. The amazing thing is, Democrats say this with a straight face. They actually think they can get people to believe it somehow.

The real reason is, the Democrats took over Congress in 2007. In 2006, the federal budget was $2.655 trillion. In 2010, the budget is $3.8 trillion. That's a budget increase of over a trillion dollars in four years of Democratic leadership....during a recession. There's your trillion dollar deficits.

Why hasn't the stimulus package worked ?

The short answer is, Obama's an economic idiot. The longer answer is, you can't spend your way to prosperity. Whatever bump the stimulus package gave to the economy is artificial, it will wear off. The stimulus package temporarily covered up some of our economic problems, but it did not address them. In the long run, it leaves us worse off than we were before. In the long run, the stimulus package just put us deeper in debt.

What are the "failed policies of the past" that Obama talks about so often ?

One failed policy of the past is deficit spending, which Obama and the Democrats have put on steroids. In 2007, the deficit was $178 billion. It's estimated to be $1.4 trillion in 2010, after a few years of Democratic leadership.

Another failed policy is the huge risk associated with the secondary mortgage market, with mortgages bundled and securitized on Wall Street, commoditized like they were pork bellies. Fannie Mae is responsible for the lion's share of that market. Contingent to that problem is the problem of banks handing out mortgages to unqualified buyers like they were candy. ALL of those failed policies are still in effect, and Fannie Mae was exempted from the financial regulation reform bill, which doesn't really address any of the problems we had with the mortgage market in the first place. Having Chris Dodd and Barney Frank write the financial regulation reform bill makes about as much sense as hiring the Three Stooges to teach quantum mechanics at MIT.

Why do Democrats want to increase taxes during a recession ? Isn't that counterproductive ?

Yes, it's counterproductive, but Democrats want to raise taxes anyway. I think one of the qualifications to be a liberal Democratic politician these days is that you had to fail mathematics in school. The Democrats are always trying to tell us 2 + 2 = 5. Democrats are also thieves by nature.

Why do Democrats always call the Tea Party movement racist ?

Democrats fear any people who aren't Democrats. They want them shunned, censored, and vilified, no matter how much they have to lie to accomplish it. Democrats are tolerant, diverse, and compassionate like that. Also, Democrats greatly fear the U. S. Constitution. Democrats don't like to be told there are limits to their power. Statists don't like limits to power. They consider anybody who cites the Constitution to be an unhinged radical wingnut on the verge of overthrowing the....Democrats. They definitely won't tolerate that.

What is the vast right wing conspiracy ?

Originally, it was Hillary Clinton trying to cover up her husband's affairs and abuses of women. Hillary just rolls like that. She's a feminist. Nowadays, the vast right wing conspiracy is Fox News. The rest of the mainstream media leans left, but, of course, there is no such thing as a vast left wing conspiracy. Democrats have been trying to figure out a way to censor Fox News, but have been unsuccessful so far. They are having some difficulty getting around that whole freedom of the press nonsense in the Constitution. They're still working on it though.

Why do Democrats always try to lose wars ?

Because America is ALWAYS wrong. Ever since WWII anyway, and some lefties even think that one is debatable..

What is a racist ?

It used to be anyone who is prejudiced against someone due to the color of their skin, but now it's anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama or any other non-white Democrat. In liberal eyes, a non-white liberal Democrat has absolute moral authority and may never be questioned.

What is an Uncle Tom ?

A non-white non-Democrat who exercises independent thought.

Why has it taken over three months to stop the BP oil leak ?

It's Bush's fault.

Why did the terrorists attack us on 9/11 ?

Because we had an airbase in Saudi Arabia. That's what liberal believe, anyway. They heard that from Osama Bin Laden, a man known for his honest and ethical behavior, a man who would never hurt a fly...unless the infidel fly had it coming by not submitting to Bin Laden's version of Islam. Bin Laden is tolerant as long as you agree 100% with Bin Laden. He's rather like liberals in that way.

Why was the Iraq war a success ?

Because we never paid any attention to liberals who were trying to lose the war.

Will the Afghanistan war be a success ?

Probably not. The liberals are in power now.



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