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All Da King's Men


By David King Published: March 5, 2013

Why does the Obama administration give the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood free F-16 fighter jets, but doesn't want American citizens to own semi-automatic pistols ?


In FY2007, federal spending was $2.7 trillion, and the deficit was $161 billion (despite two wars, the Bush tax cuts, etc). Six years later, in FY2013, federal spending is estimated to be $3.8 trillion, and the deficit is estimated at $900 billion. This means if the federal government had not increased spending by $1.1 trillion per annum over the last six years, if spending was held at the FY2007 rate of $2.7 trillion plus adjustments for inflation, we'd probably have a balanced budget RIGHT NOW, or at least be very close to it. On the revenue side, in FY2007 federal revenue was $2.56 trillion. In FY2013 it is estimated to be $2.9 trillion, a revenue increase of $340 billion per year for the federal government.

The point is, we clearly have a spending problem. My question is, why do liberals think we have a revenue problem ?


Have we received answers about who was behind the Fast And Furious operation ?

Have we received any answers about why DOJ didn't shut Fast And Furious down as soon as they found out about it ?


Have we received an adequate explanation for why security wasn't strengthened at Benghazi after Ambassador Chris Stevens requested it, especially after there were Benghazi attacks preceding the attack that killed the Ambassador and three others ?


Why did Obama make Biden his Vice President ? There had to be better candidates than him.


Did the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, really say there's no "set price" to gain access to Obama after Obama's PAC Organizing For Action announced $500K or more would grant donors access to the Prez ?!?!?! It's good to know Obama has flexible terms regarding his pay-to-play rules, lol.


Why is it any of Mayor Bloomberg's business whether a pizza delivery business sells 2-liter bottles of soda or not ?


Why do Democrats oppose school voucher programs that allow kids at failing schools to obtain access to better schools ? (link)


Do people who want to preserve Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act still think it's 1955, or what ? I've considered racial discrimination in the voting booth to be a nearly dead issue for decades. Am I missing something ?


According to a Fox News poll:

"Voters...disapprove of drone attacks when they are aimed at a U.S. citizen suspected of being a terrorist on U.S. soil.  In those circumstances, by a 50-45 percent margin, voters say no."

My question is for the 45% who thought it was okay for the government to carry out drone strikes on U.S. citizens here in the USA.....have you lost your minds ???



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