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Racist Tea Partiers For Cain !!!

By Da King Published: September 28, 2011

According to the latest Zogby poll, Herman Cain is leading the field of Republican presidential nominees. Cain also won the recent Florida P5 straw poll by a wide margin.

I have a few observations:

1) Herman Cain is a black man.

2) Herman Cain is a Tea Partier.

3) Liberals keep trying to tell us the Tea Party is racist.

One of the above three statements doesn't fit with the other two. One of them has to be wrong.

I have a way to settle this. Here's a video of Herman Cain speaking at a Tea Party event. Let's see if the Tea Party crowd likes him, or if they don't like him because he's black...

Any questions, liberals ???

If you are interested in matters more important than the divisive litany of liberal lies, check out Herman Cain's website. His 999 Plan alone makes me love him. Here's a sample:

Promote freedom, not tyranny.



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