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Rearranging The Deck Chairs

By Da King Published: April 14, 2010

Imagine being the federal government, with trillions of dollars of revenue flowing in from American taxpayers every year. That's trillions with a T. In 2009, with tax revenue dropping during the recession, the federal government still took in 2.105 TRILLION dollars. That is $2,105,000,000,000. That's so much money that most of us can't even wrap our minds around it, but Washington D.C. gets that much money and more each and every year, without fail.

State and local governments take another $2.36 trillion from the taxpayers, making total government revenue at all levels about $4.485 trillion.

Now ask yourself how incompetent and/or corrupt the government has to be for that much money to never be enough. The federal government spent $3.514 trillion last year, leaving us with a deficit over $1.4 trillion. That is the largest single year deficit in American history, by far. I think the second largest deficit was in 2008, at $458 billion. Most of the state and local government are also running in the red.

Regardless of which party controls Congress, and regardless of which party controls the White House, our federal government almost always spends more than it takes in. That's why we currently have a national debt of over $12.8 trillion. The debt is growing by more than a million bucks every 30 seconds. The unfunded entitlement liabilities, which are funds committed by the federal government but not yet paid for by any current tax, are about $108 trillion.

This is where we stand economically as a nation. To put it bluntly, we're in the crapper swirling around the bowl, about to be flushed. To add insult to injury, during this recession just about every rich sob RESPONSIBLE for the recession got bailed out, from Wall Street to the bankers to the government itself. The only people who truly got screwed were YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Average American. YOU, who don't have any lobbyists in Washington D.C. to buy off our politicians. All YOU have is your vote and your voice. I hope you use them.

Next, imagine you are a new President named Barack Obama. You've inherited a financial mess, with government spending soaring (doubling over the last decade), and the national debt escalating to an alarming level. What do you do ??? Well, if you are Barack Obama, in a single year you increase government spending more than any previous administration and put the country on a path to accumulating $10 trillion MORE in debt over the next decade, far more than any previous administration. Obama is on schedule to make trillion dollar deficits the new normal. If you are Barack Obama, you create the biggest new entitlement program in 50 years with ObamaCare. In other words, if you are Barack Obama, you are a full-blown economic retard. If you are Barack Obama, you saw a country speeding toward an economic concrete wall at 60mph, and you hit the accelearator. We're now moving toward the concrete wall at 90mph.

To add even more insult to injury, when large numbers of Americans begin to object to the prospect of the government bankrupting the country and wasting unbelievable amounts of taxpayer money, with part of that objection taking the form of the Tea Party movement, the very people doing the bankrupting begin an attempt to marginalize those Americans, calling them racist, radical, and potentially violent. The bad joke known as the mainstream media largely agrees with the bankrupters. The media wonders why those crazy Tea Partiers are so darned angry. It boggles the mind. Anybody who isn't angry right now has to be a freaking moron.

But that Obama, he's oh so inspiring, isn't he ? Golly gee, such a fine speech giver. Never mind that the country is heading full speed ahead into an economic iceberg. No, let's play partisan games of charade instead of addressing the problems in a responsible way that would return this country to fiscal sanity. Let's just spend our time rearranging the deck chairs. Maybe we can get a band to play, so we won't have to face just how bad things really are.

Speaking of charades, the birdcage liner known Newsweek magazine claimed that America's Back! on the cover of it's last issue, thus proving that we don't have a media in this country, we have cheerleaders. The only difference is that some are dressed in blue and others are dressed in red. Most are dressed in blue.

Let's push around those deck chairs some more while we wait for the iceberg, and have the band strike up a rousing tune to distract us. Let's do anything but face the truth. Let's do anything but be responsible. That's so...yucky.



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