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Rehab This

By Da King Published: November 29, 2007


Following is an excerpt from last night's CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate. This part didn't get any coverage from our mainstream media, which instead reported on the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF, like where Rudy accused Mitt of of running a "sanctuary mansion", or where Fred poked a little fun at the other boys in his video. Just crackerjack, our media. I can't say often enough what a wonderful job they do. 'Up next on CNN, Britney drives her car'.

The following question came from Yasmin, no doubt another of those CNN "undecided Republican voters" (aka Democrats). Yasmin wanted the candidates to explain how they would rehab america's image in the Middle East, since we've lost so much respect because of the Iraq war. I think this is the wrong question. America took down the murderous and fanatical Taliban and routed Al Qaeda, freeing Afghanistan in the process. America took down the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein, and routed Al Qaeda, freeing Iraq in the process. Muslims have committed over 10,000 worldwide terrorist attacks since 9/11. Iran is run by anti-semitic Islamofascist lunatics seeking nuclear weapons. Syria is Iran's pawn. Palestine is being run by Hamas, a terrorist group. Saudi Arabia is the origin of the extremist Wahhabists. Hatred and bigotry is being taught in madrassas throughout the Middle East. It goes on and on. I think the RIGHT question would be: What is the Middle East going to do to rehab itself in the eyes of the Western world ??? The onus SHOULD be on them, not us.

But they didn't let me ask any questions during the debate, because I'm not a Democratic activist. Here is the question and the excellent responses from the three Republican candidates who were allowed to answer. This is from the CNN debate transcript:

Yasmin: Good evening, gentlemen. My name is Yasmin and I hail from Huntsville, Alabama.

My question has to do with the current crisis in Iraq, as well as the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan.

After living abroad, personally, in the Middle East for a year, I realized just how much damage the Iraq war and the perception of invasion has done to the image of America. What would you do as president to repair the image of America in the eyes of the Muslim world?

Cooper: Mayor Giuliani, 90 seconds?

Giuliani: Well, the most important thing to do is to make certain we remain on offense against Islamic terrorism.


And then make it clear that what that means is this is a small group of people, Islamic terrorists, who have defiled a great religion, that the vast majority of people who are Islamic, the vast majority of people who are Arabs, the vast majority of people living in these countries are good people. We should be trading with them. We should have contact with them. We should expand our contacts with them. We should have cultural exchanges with them.

The night of September 11th, 2001, when we were beginning to recover -- or, not really recover, but maybe just first catch our breath after the attack of September 11th, you'll see one of the first things I said was I said to the people of my city and then probably to the people of America that we should not engage in group blame.

We shouldn't do the thing that we're being attacked for. We shouldn't blame an entire group of people for the horrible acts of a few people who have distorted a great religion. They have turned it into an ideology of hatred and an ideology of violence.

By the same token, we can't do what the Democrats do. We can't put our head in the sand. You've got a Democratic debate and not a single one of those Democratic candidates used the word "Islamic terrorism." I don't know who they think they're offending. The people they're offending are the people we want to offend -- the Islamic terrorists ...


... and not decent people like Yasmin. We are intelligent enough and good enough as Americans to make this distinction.

Cooper: Senator McCain?

McCain: Well, I would do a lot of things, but the first and most important and vital element is to continue this surge which is succeeding and we are winning the war in Iraq.


That's the first thing I would do. I would make sure that we do what we can to help reconstruct the country, to help the Maliki government move forward as rapidly as possible to train the police.

But I'll tell you one other thing we're -- I'm going to do, is we're going to fight back the Democrats' efforts to set a date for withdrawal which is a date for surrender.


Now, my friends, I'm the only one on this stage -- I'm the only one on this stage -- that said that the Rumsfeld strategy was failing and was doomed to failure. I'm the only one on this stage that said we've got to have a new strategy, and that's the strategy we're employing now.

And I got a lot of heat when I said that that strategy was failing and it had to be changed, because I've had the experience and the background and the knowledge of every national security issue we've faced in the last 20 years.

And I'm telling you, that if we continue this strategy, we can succeed. And if we had done what the Democrats said to do six months ago, Al Qaida would be telling the word they beat America.

Cooper: Time.

McCain: There's a lot at stake here, my friends, and thank God for the young men and women who are sending the message I repeat to you again, after having been there over Thanksgiving weekend, let me win, let us win.


Cooper: Thirty seconds, Congressman Hunter. The question is, how do you repair the image of America in the Muslim world?

Hunter: Cooper, Cooper, very simply, to the critics of America I would say this. When you were faced with disease and starvation, the Americans brought food and medicine. When you had earthquakes and tsunamis and floods, the Americans came and helped you. And when you were threatened from outside, the Americans left the safety of their own homes to come and defend you.

I will never apologize for the United States of America.




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