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Republican National Convention - Day One

By Da King Published: September 2, 2008

michael moore

Michael Moore-on said hurricane Gustav making landfall yesterday right as the Republican National Convention was starting proved there was a god in heaven. He said this on the Keith Olbermann Propaganda Hour. Ubermoron grinned in response, finding it quite humorous and neat that Gustav, which had already killed around 70 people in Cuba and was threatening to repeat the devastation Katrina wrought in 2005, would interfere with Republican plans. Hi-lar-ious, morons. Former DNC chairman Donnie Fowler was caught on camera expressing the same sentiments, completing the moron trifecta.

Well, Michael Moore-on was probably happier than a pig in slop last night (insert your own joke here), because the GOP did cancel day one of their convention.

But I noticed that the enemies of the GOP didn't cancel their plans. The protesters and sickos were out in force. I guess they have as much respect for the hurricane victims as they have for the stores whose windows they were smashing and the policeman they were throwing feces at and fighting with last night.

When I turned on C-SPAN to see if anything at all was taking place at the Republican Convention, I found that C-SPAN was broadcasting an anti-war protest rally instead, complete with Code Pink and other revolutionaries who never got over the 60's. A little later, I flipped the channel back to C-SPAN and they were broadcasting a Barack Obama campaign speech. I started thinking maybe I was in some kind of time warp and this was still last week. You'd think C-SPAN would have at least broadcast some Republican giving a speech, since it is supposed to be the GOP's week, but no. Maybe C-SPAN felt Obama hasn't been given enough exposure, or something. I'm sure it's all about fairness and judgement.

Then I changed the channel to Hannity and Colmes, and they were airing a clip of one of the FoxNews reporters trying to talk to some of the protesters, as the protesters chanted "Fox News Sucks" and flipped the bird to the cameria. The protestors claimed FoxNews was responsible for the war, since Fox folks are nothing but lackeys for The Man. Fox's reporter kept trying to strike up an actual conversation with these folks, but it was pretty useless. He had to give up. The fanatics didn't seem interested in sharing views.

Last night wasn't the first day of the Republican Convention. It was a continuation of the Democratic one.

To preserve the memory, you can purchase the DVD Liberals Gone Wild from Che Videos Inc. for $19.95, plus shipping and handling. Narration by Jerry Springer.



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