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Saddam's Documents

By Da King Published: March 29, 2008


Remember those 600,000 pages of Iraqi documents that were found during Operation Iraqi Freedom ? Some, but not all, have now been translated, and the Department Of Defense (DOD) has published redacted versions online, along with conclusions about Saddam's links to terrorism.

The venerable Grey Lady, the leading light of liberal print media, the New York Times, reported on the findings with the following headline: "Oh, By the Way, There Was No Al Qaeda Link".

So there you have it. Bush lied, kids died. Damn neocons. End of story. Nothing more to see here. Let's move on. What do you guys want for dinner - pizza, Chinese, or what ? Vote for Obama !

Well, actually, there is ONE little teensy weensy problem with the conclusions of the New York al Times, which is...


Far from proving that Saddam didn't have ties to terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda, the documents proved the exact opposite. They proved Saddam DID have terrorist ties aplenty. Here's the report's abstract summary:

Captured Iraqi documents have uncovered evidence that links the regime of Saddam Hussein to regional and global terrorism, including a variety of revolutionary, liberation, nationalist, and Islamic terrorist organizations. While these documents do not reveal direct coordination and assistance between the Saddam regime and the al Qaeda network, they do indicate that Saddam was willing to use, albeit cautiously, operatives affiliated with al Qaeda as long as Saddam could have these terrorist–operatives monitored closely. Because Saddam’s security organizations and Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network operated with similar aims (at least in the short term), considerable overlap was inevitable when monitoring, contacting, financing, and training the same outside groups. This created both the appearance of and, in some ways, a “de facto” link between the organizations. At times, these organizations would work together in pursuit of shared goals but still maintain their autonomy and independence because of innate caution and mutual distrust. Though the execution of Iraqi terror plots was not always successful, evidence shows that Saddam’s use of terrorist tactics and his support for terrorist groups remained strong up until the collapse of the regime.

That sounds quite different from the al Times "Oh, By the Way, There Was No Al Qaeda Link", doesn't it ? This is why you can NEVER depend on the liberal media to report the truth. NEVER. They are not there to report the truth, they are there to create their own truth. There is a word for that. It's called 'propaganda.' If you get one lesson from this blog, get that. Find the real truth, not the swill they dish out.

Ken Timmerman details some of Saddam's specific ties to terrorism here. Following is a sample:

One of the most damning documents to emerge from the Harmony data base, I wrote, was a Jan. 18, 1993 order from Saddam Hussein, transmitted to the head of Iraqi intelligence, “to hunt the Americans that are in Arab lands, especially in Somalia, by using Arab elements or Asian (Muslims) or friends.”

In response, the head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service informed Hussein that Iraq already had ties with a large number of international terrorist groups, including “the Islamist Arab elements that were fighting in Afghanistan and [currently] have no place to base and are physically present in Somalia, Sudan, and Egypt.” In other words, al-Qaida.

The authors of the IDA study note that Saddam’s Iraq “was a long-standing supporter of international terrorism,” and that these particular documents provided ‘detailed evidence of that support.'”

The study also points out that the captured documents “reveal that Saddam was training Arab fighters (non-Iraqi) in Iraqi training camps more than a decade prior” to the 2003 war.

But the study shies away from identifying them as al-Qaida terrorists, even though many of them were members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, whose leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri, became the deputy leader of al-Qaida in 1998.

Saddam was a terrorist supporter and a terrorist himself. They were doing much more than flying kites in Iraq prior to the american invasion.



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