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Say 'Yes We Can' To Vote Fraud !

By Da King Published: June 22, 2011

Voter ID laws require a voter to show identification in order to cast a ballot. They are either under consideration or being passed in at least 23 states. Wisconsin and Texas are two states that recently passed such laws. Voter ID laws are designed to reduce election fraud. Sounds like a good, common sense idea to me. We all have the right to vote, but we don't have the right to vote fraudulently. Who hasn't heard the stories about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck casting votes in our elections ? We dont want people voting multiple times, and we don't want people voting who are in this country illegally. It seems every election these days is accompanied by accusations of fraud from one side or the other. Voter ID seems like a good way to reduce that. Every adult in this country has identification, I would think. If they don't, they should. I'm asked for ID at the bank, the grocery store, the Bureau Of Motor Vehicles, and other places, so I don't have any problem showing my driver's license at the polls to insure I am who I say I am when voting. We want our elections to be honest.

Here's the curious thing about Voter ID laws - ALL of the states considering or implementing Voter ID are run by Republicans. Every single one. No Democrat-led state wants these laws, which begs the question...why don't Democrats want honest elections ?

Here's liberal columnist E.J. Dionne attempting to answer this question in a column titled How States Are Rigging The 2012 Election:

An attack on the right to vote is underway across the country through laws designed to make it more difficult to cast a ballot. If this were happening in an emerging democracy, we’d condemn it as election-rigging. But it’s happening here, so there’s barely a whimper.

The laws are being passed in the name of preventing “voter fraud.” But study after study has shown that fraud by voters is not a major problem — and is less of a problem than how hard many states make it for people to vote in the first place.

Say what ? It sounds like Mr. Dionne is saying Voter ID laws are themselves voter fraud. What the heck ? And what's that stuff he said about voter fraud not being a "major problem" ? ANY voter fraud is a problem, major or not, and I'm wondering how any liberal can say voter fraud is not a major problem after liberals accused President Bush of stealing the 2000 election...AND the 2004 election (on the other hand, liberals think the 2008 election, won by the Democrat Obama, was run perfectly. I've heard no fraud accusations from them over that one).

Here's why the liberal Dionne holds the Orwellian view that Voter ID equates to voter fraud:

These statutes are not neutral. Their greatest impact will be to reduce turnout among African Americans, Latinos and the young. It is no accident that these groups were key to Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 — or that the laws in question are being enacted in states where Republicans control state governments.

This is the perfect liberal argument. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. First of all, OF COURSE the statutes are neutral, despite what Dionne says. The same rules apply to everyone. It doesn't get more neutral than that. I'd also like to know WHY Voter ID will allegedly reduce turnout among African Americans, Latinos, and the young. Dionne doesn't say why. He just accepts it as an article of liberal faith. What could the reasons be ? Does Dionne believe blacks, Latinos, and young people don't have identification, or what ? I'm thinking they do have ID, just like everyone else.

Despite his lack of evidence, Dionne takes his dubious premise and runs with it:

...think of what this would look like to a dispassionate observer. A party wins an election, as the GOP did in 2010. Then it changes the election laws in ways that benefit itself. In a democracy, the electorate is supposed to pick the politicians. With these laws, politicians are shaping their electorates.

Paradoxically, the rank partisanship of these measures is discouraging the media from reporting plainly on what’s going on. Voter suppression so clearly benefits the Republicans that the media typically report this through a partisan lens, knowing that accounts making clear whom these laws disenfranchise would be labeled as biased by the right. But the media should not fear telling the truth or standing up for the rights of the poor or the young.

Now Voter ID is "rank partisanship" and "voter suppression" being implemented by the GOP ? Again...WHY is this so ??? And again, Dionne does not say why. It's mystifying. I seem to be missing some underlying liberal assumption about how blacks, Latinos, the poor, and the young are not quite up to snuff with the rest of us. I can think of no other reason why showing one's ID at the polls would be considered such an unreasonable burden by liberals. It's like Dionne thinks these groups of people are disabled or something. I'm starting to feel insulted, and I don't even belong to any of Dionne's alleged "victim" groups.

Then Dionne gives away his real motivation in opposing Voter ID:

Sometimes the partisan motivation is so clear that if Stephen Colbert reported on what’s transpiring, his audience would assume he was making it up. In Texas, for example, the law allows concealed handgun licenses as identification but not student IDs. And guess what? Nationwide exit polls show that John McCain carried households in which someone owned a gun by 25 percentage points but lost voters in households without a gun by 32 points.

Uh oh !!! The GOP might have an advantage in Texas !!! Well, guess what, Mr. Dionne ? The GOP already has an advantage in Texas, not to mention the fact that anyone who has a concealed handgun license has undergone a background check, making that license a valid form of ID, unlike a student ID, which could be easily faked ('so, Mr. Mouse, I see you are attending Disney University in the Magic Kingdom. Here's your ballot !'). This reveals that it's all about politics to Dionne, and he doesn't care about voter fraud at all.

And then E.J. Dionne completely loses his mind:

“This requirement is just a poll tax by another name,” state Sen. Wendy Davis declared when Texas was debating its ID law early this year. In the bad old days, poll taxes, now outlawed by the 24th Amendment, were used to keep African Americans from voting. Even if the Supreme Court didn’t see things her way, Davis is right. This is the civil rights issue of our moment.

In part because of a surge of voters who had not cast ballots before, the United States elected its first African American president in 2008. Are we now going to witness a subtle return of Jim Crow voting laws?

Whether or not these laws can be rolled back, their existence should unleash a great civic campaign akin to the voter-registration drives of the civil rights years. The poor, the young and people of color should get their IDs, flock to the polls and insist on their right to vote in 2012.

Poll taxes ? Jim Crow laws ? The civil rights issue of our time ?....

Is this guy nuts ? Listening to Dionne, I feel like I'm watching one of those "this is your mind on drugs" commercials. I still haven't heard a single reason why anyone will be disenfranchised by Voter ID, but Dionne's ready to organize a modern-day March On Washington, like he's Martin Luther King. What a buffoon. He should check into a detox center instead.

If I didn't believe Democrats were in favor of voting fraud before, I'm a lot more inclined to believe it now, after listening to this irrational, over-the-top liberal tirade. Say 'Yes We Can' to Vote Fraud !!! It's the Chicago way. Just grab some more of those ballots out of the trunk of the car. That should put the Dems over the top.



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