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See No Evil

By Da King Published: October 18, 2007

see no evil

Those wild and crazy liberals keep telling us there is no terrorist threat, or if there is, it's a minor thing, kind of like catching a cold. They say Bush, Cheney, and company, those neocon devils from the evil empire, are just trying to scare us into giving away all our rights, so the Bushies can then force us all to go work on the Deathstar or something (to add to the horror, the Deathstar will be a non-union shop !). John Edwards famously illustrated how completely unfit he is to assume the role of commander in chief by once referring to the war on terrorism as 'a bumper sticker'. As I mentioned yesterday, Paul Krugman,

propagandist columnist for the NY Times, pointed out on the Bill Maher show that Iran was not a threat. That should make Vladimir Putin breathe easier, since Iranians are trying to assassinate him. There are hundreds more examples of liberals downplaying the terrorist threat.

What I'm wondering is, how many terrorist attacks will it take before liberals are convinced the terrorist threat IS real ? (This is an update of the old joke 'How many ________ does it take to screw in a lightbulb ?'). We must be up to about 5,000 worldwide terrorist attacks by now, and that hasn't done it. 9/11 didn't do it. Liberals are still more worried about Bush wiretapping Al Qaeda or offending Muslims than they are about busting potential terrorists. Following are links to stories about terrorist plots that have appeared in the news only since September 2007: We have terrorist organizations operating out of New Jersey now, terrorists plotting to blow up British soccer games on live TV, the CIA is warning of Al Qaeda attacks in Paris and other european targets, a trial is taking place for the men who plotted to bomb Chicago's Sears Tower, a man was arrested for attempting to bomb the US embassy in Vienna, there may be terrorist training camps in america, muslim extremists are planning a takeover of the USA, a terrorist group was plotting to rob NY ATM machines, the NY Times blew an investigation into an jihadist blogger, the Goose Creek terror case is coming to trial...

Like I said, this is just since September 2007. You can read about the slew of successful terrorist attacks through the years here.

So, in spite of the thousands of examples of worldwide terrorism, in spite of 9/11, in spite of the numerous attacks that have been prevented since 9/11, in spite of the Islamofascist element openly saying they want to destroy us, liberals put their pointy little heads together and decided...........


Uh, whatever you say, liberals. Just don't go near any sharp objects, and please, don't stick that fork into the light socket ! If I didn't know better, I'd think someone was putting LSD into the liberal's drinking water, but Timothy Leary is dead, so that's probably not it. Maybe liberals think Bush is wiretapping terrorists, tracking terrorist finances, and imprisoning terrorists as some new real life Skull and Bones version of Dungeons and Dragons, I really don't know. I don't pretend to understand them. Liberals talk about Bush proceeding without any checks and balances even as Congress is deciding whether to reapprove the Bush wiretapping program or not, and as the Courts are ruling on it, both obvious examples of, drumroll please, checks and balances. Liberals not only can't see the forest for the trees, they can't even see the trees.

Liberals claim they are for upholding civil rights, and that's why they are against Bush's tactics, but these are the same people who want to impose The Fairness Doctrine to silence talk radio, who shout down conservative speakers on campus, who promote things like the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act that will remove the secret ballot in union voting, who want to steal all your money through taxation, who are for big government socialism, who want to stamp out any mention of God in public, who hate capitalism, who hate business, who don't believe voters should show ID (makes vote fraud easier), don't tell me they love civil rights so much. They are totalitarian marxists. They aren't even close to being about civil rights. They aren't even close to being about freedom. What they are about is acquiring power and eliminating the opposition. Trust me, if the liberals ever do take complete power, you'll never hear them utter the phrase 'checks and balances' again, ever.

I know how much liberals hate it when someone mentions that the liberals are helping the terrorists by fighting Bush every step of the way on terrorism......but that's all the more reason to point it out.



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