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Skimmers Sit Idle As Gulf Dies

By Da King Published: June 22, 2010

Here's the latest bit of depressing news about the inexplicable actions, or rather inactions, of the Obama administration's handling of the oil spill. This is Senator George LeMieux (R-FL):

2000 skimmers sit idle. The government says they can't be deployed to the Gulf because "there might be an oil spill" somewhere else.

I know I asked the readers to tone down the profanity on this blog a little while back, but after hearing this, I'm having a hard time adhering to my own request. So let's pretend I uttered every curse word known to man just now...which I actually did do in the privacy of my own home when I saw this video. I even scared my cat, and he ran from the room. Sorry, little fella.

This is making me sick.

Incompetence, thy name is Obama.



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