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SOTU: Zombie Rhetoric From Outer Space

By David King Published: January 30, 2014

I had a profound sense of deja vu as I watched President Obama's fifth State Of The Union address. I've heard it all before. His speech was so worn and devoid of new ideas that MSNBC's Chris Matthews deemed it "a masterful address". It doesn't take much for a liberal Democrat to impress the Tingler. Obama probably had Matthews at hello, and by the time our President finished casting everybody in the country except white males in the role of the aggrieved (liberal political tactic #1), I'm sure Matthews was swooning.

My impression of the SOTU was somewhat different. I note two important developments. Foremost, the First Lady looked lovely, sporting her new hairdo and a forest green designer Alaia dress. Very nice. Mrs. Obama didn't quite reach Jackie O standards, but she ranks pretty high on the First Lady fashion-o-meter. Secondly, I'm pretty sure Vice President Biden was blinking some kind of secret morse code message to the Iranians. Rep. Issa should demand a special prosecutor to find out what that was all about.

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The Unemployment Mirage

By David King Published: January 19, 2014

If you listen to the mainstream media or the White House, you might think the unemployment rate in America has gone down since Barack Obama became President five years ago. After all, the official unemployment rate was 7.8% when Obama took office in January 2009, and the official unemployment rate now is only 6.7%.

Unfortunately, the "official" unemployment rate, like so much that comes from the government, is, to put it frankly, a load of BS.

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