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Sorry Olby, Orly Taitz Got Hammered

By Da King Published: June 9, 2010

The loons over at MSNBC have been having a gay old time over the down ticket California Secretary Of State primary race. Keith Ubermoron and Rachel Maddow have been absolutely thrilled that Orly Taitz was in the GOP race, because Taitz is a full-blown Birther. She has filed so many Birther lawsuits against President Obama that the courts have sanctioned her for it. The MSLSD'ers spent hours of television time talking about Taitz and her relatively obscure election race. You see, over at MSLSD, they scour the internet to find the worst thing anyone calling themselves a Republican ever said, and then they pretend it's representative of every Republican in the country. That's the basic format of Ubermoron and Maddow's shows, along with most of the rest of MSLSD's nighttime lineup.

Here's a sample from Ubermoron's show of how the MSLSD'ers said Orly Taitz could WIN (they hope, they hope, they hope !!!). Ubermoron is speaking to fellow choirboy Lawrence O'Donnell. You can also see the full Ubermoron segment at this link:

“Is this possible? [that Taitz could win]” Olbermann asked guest Lawrence O’Donnell. “Yes,” he replied, “only in California… it is absolutely possible.” While the results of the election are still not in, there is no clear sign that Taitz will certainly lose, although O’Donnell notes that the incumbent Democrat will “obviously be reelected in November.” “What Orly Taitz is really running for is the honor of losing to the very popular, safe incumbent,” he explained. That said, because Secretary of State is not exactly a position known for its heavy campaigning, the fact that Taitz has name recognition means that the GOP “might be carrying this incredible liability on their ticket.”

Now, O'Donnell does have a point about anything being possible in California. After all, Californians elected Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. But those are Democrats. Could Republicans actually elect a nut like Orly Taitz ?

Ubermoron, Maddow, and the rest of the gang that couldn't shoot straight were hoping against hope that it would be so, and Taitz would win the primary. Then the MSLSD'ers could paint the entire Republican party as a bunch of bonafide mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging crazies (as they do anyway). Maddow said "the winner might actually be Orly Taitz....the queen of the birthers." Keep those fingers crossed, Rachel.

What the Olbermaniacs never bothered to mention was that almost nobody was taking the Orly Taitz candidacy seriously, other than at MSNBC. When Bill O'Reilly of FoxNews called Taitz a "nut" on The O'Reilly Factor, Taitz organized a protest outside Fox News headquarters in New York. I kid you not. The protest drew an underwhelming crowd, estimated between 15-20 people. I'm thinking the entire crowd must have been members of the Taitz family (or as Ubermoron would deem it - widespread GOP support).

Now I must be the bearer of bad news to Olbermaniacs everywhere...Orly Taitz 48 POINTS. She got smoked, just as everyone outside of MSLSD-world knew she would.

Great election analysis, Ubermorons.

I eagerly await MSLSD's congratulations to Republican primary voters for repudiating the Birther on the ballot.

Not that it will ever happen.

Back to you, Keith. You're the.......wait for it.......WORST PERSON IN THE WOOOORLD.



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