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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By Da King Published: May 26, 2008

john kerry

"...By engaging Iran [in dialogue], we reclaim the moral high ground — no small feat. If Iran refuses to budge, we have new leverage to expose it as a threat whose bad intentions cannot be explained away" - John Kerry, May 24, 2008
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Behold the mind of John Hanoi Kerry, where the USA needs to "reclaim the moral high ground" from Iran, a terrorist supporting country run by religious extremists (thanks Jimmy), where they do things like execute homosexuals and aspire to, in the words of the Iranian president, "wipe Israel off the map", because Israel is a "stinking rotting corpse". In addition, Kerry deems it "no small feat" for the USA to recapture the moral high ground from Iran. I wonder what caused the USA to sink to such depths in the mind of Messieur Kerry ? It must have been when the evil George W. Bush removed the terrorist supporting mass murdering tyrant Saddam Hussein from power in neighboring Iraq. I wonder if the Kurds agree ? Or the Kuwaitis ? I'm thinking NOT. I doubt if even the Iranians would want Saddam back.

Also, notice how Waffles says talking with Iran will give us "new leverage to expose it as a threat whose bad intentions cannot be explained away". This leads me to wonder if Kerry is the slowest kid in the class, because everybody else already realizes Iran is a threat whose bad intentions are on plain display for all to see. Try to keep up, Mr. Kerry. Better yet, go away.
Next up is the Worst Person In The World, Keith Olbermann, who works for one of Barack Obama's public relations arms, MSNBC. Watch this video, where Olby raves on and on and on about Hillary Clinton's unfortunate remark about Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June 1968. Granted, Hillary's comment elicited some pretty bad political imagery, but nobody in their right mind could think that she was talking about staying in the race because Obama could be gunned down. She was only talking about how nominating contests used to go on longer, in response to being asked for about the 10,000th time why she doesn't quit the race. Olberdork, however, not being in his right mind, raves on about it for over 5 minutes, building to a hysterical forced crescendo, blowing Hillary's comment so far out of proportion that you'd almost think she was involved in an assassination attempt herself. Olberdork is the most biased cowardly hack working in the "news" business today. He doesn't even feign fairness or honesty. He doesn't have anyone on his show who doesn't parrot his same dishonest leftwing bilge. There's no fairness and there's certainly no balance. Olberdork loves to make fun of Fox News for being rightwing, but on Fox, there is debate. Both sides of an issue are presented on shows like The O'Reilly Factor or Hannity and Colmes. Those shows purposely have guests come on to argue the opposing points of view. Olberdork works in his safe little leftwing echo chamber, where never is heard a discouraging word, and then Olby has the nerve to sling mud at FoxNews. What a loser he is. If you really want FauxNews, look no further than Keith Olbermann.

I guess it also never occurred to Olberdork that his windy tirade about political assassination gave the idea more breath and exposure than Hillary ever did, by far, even if she had meant it as Olby pretends, which she didn't. I guess I could be wrong on that point, because there probably aren't enough people watching Olbermann's show for him to give ANY idea much exposure. I can't believe someone actually pays Olbermann to flap his lips. There must be millions of Better Persons In The World.



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