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Tea Partiers Like Cain BECAUSE They Are Racist !!!

By Da King Published: September 30, 2011

I suppose this was inevitable. The left generally makes up some kind of nonsense to avoid the facts, and here is today's nonsense...

Actress/mental patient Janeane Garofalo graced the Keith Olbermann show with more of her inestimable brilliance. The subject is Herman Cain and the Tea Party. This is classic:

And thus closes the circle. Now we have two opposing theories emerging from the lunatic fringe - 1) Tea Partiers are against Barack Obama because they are racist, and 2) Tea Partiers are for Herman Cain because they are racist.

Heads I win, tails you lose. And Keith-boy goes right along for the ride, as Janeane and Keith-boy revel in each other's galactic dishonesty.

Hilarious. Watch for this talking point to be peddled by other dishonest lefties near you.

This is a public service announcement.



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