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Tea Parties Across America

By Da King Published: April 16, 2009

Very impressive. Cleveland had an estimated 1,500 (according to WKYC) at it's tax day Tea Party. The Associated Press said "tens of thousands" attended the Tea Parties across the country. The actual attendance figure has to be in the hundreds of thousands, because there were upwards of 800 Tea Party events held, though I have no way of arriving at a close estimate yet. There are some event photos at Michelle Malkin's website. There is a decent piece about how the Tea Parties got started from the Wall Street Journal. It wasn't from CNBC's Rick Santelli, as some have stated, though he did help publicize it. When Santelli called for Tea Parties, he was picking up on the Tea Party movement that had already been started by bloggers.

There were SO many countrywide protests held yesterday that the mainstream media actually had to take a little time out of it's busy day to criticize them. I'm sure that was very irritating for our media. Usually, they'd just ignore something like this altogether. I guess the criticism passes for progress in today's America.

The liberal side of the media has made complete asses of themselves about this, telling one lie after another about the Tea Parties, and calling the Tea Partiers whiners, sore losers, racists, and "crazy people," as Paul Krugman of the NY Times and others have said. The lefty media really brought out it's first class demonizers for these events, proving who the crazy people really are (hint: it's not the Tea Party protesters). The liberal media makes little sense, because the tea parties really are non-partisan events. In fact, one of my favorite protest signs said "Bush - Too Much Spending. Obama - Worse Than Bush." That captures it in a nutshell. You don't have to be a member of any certain political party to realize our federal government is way out of control. You just have to be sane and paying attention.

For those who still don't understand what the Tea Party movement is about (who I'll assume have been staying in the Amazon rainforest for the last 7 months, or have been listening to MSLSD, virtually the same thing), here's a chart of U.S. federal deficits in the 21st century that explains why protests are being held. Anyone who has only been listening to the fools (Olbermann, Maddow, Krugman, Begala, etc) talk about the Tea Parties should pay particular attention to this chart:

Now, I'd like to explain this chart to the fiscally impaired. You know who you are. The rest of you already know this stuff quite well, so I don't mean to insult your intelligence here, but this is going to be remedial for the slow learners.

Okay, libs. Pay attention now. Do you see the gray deficit lines on the left side of the chart ? Those were the deficits from the Bush administration. The Bush administration ran THE LARGEST DEFICITS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Bush added about $4.5 trillion to the national debt. That is a BAD thing. Can I get a big "AMEN!" from the liberals on that one ? Yes sir, I knew I could. If the libbies know anything, it's "Bush bad."

Now, my liberal friends, look at the red and pink deficit lines on the right side of the chart. See the WAY, WAY, WAY BIGGER DEFICITS that the Obama administration is projected to run up ? Do you see them ? Do you ? Good. Do you see that the deficits and debt Obama will be running up are FAR WORSE THAN WHAT BUSH DID, WHICH WILL MAKE OBAMA THE MOTHER OF ALL DEFICIT AND DEBT CREATORS ? (this is where I usually lose the liberals, for some reason. They generally start saying something like "Cheney sucks" right about here. Maybe it's Attention "Deficit" Disorder).

THAT'S why we're having Tea Parties. Our federal government is, as I said before, way out of control, and all that federal spending will have to be paid for. And how do massive deficts and debt get paid off ? With massive, crushing tax increases down the road. There's no way around it. As former Comptroller General David Walker said during the Bush years, "we're on an unsustainable fiscal path." In less than three months, Obama isn't giving us change we can believe in. I know how hard that is to hear for my left-feathered friends, but it's true. Obama isn't giving us change at all. He's just bankrupting the country at a much quicker pace than Bush did, that's all. Obama is bankrupting us at warp speed.

Hope this helps clear up the confusion (even though it probably won't). You see, dear liberals, if you can look at the above chart objectively and then call the Tea Partiers "crazy people," well, that's rather like Charlie Manson calling Gandhi violent. It's too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

P.S. - For any Democrats and/or liberals who aren't blind Obama sockpuppets, I apologize for the condescending tone of the second part of this post, but there was no other way.



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