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Teach Your Children Well: A Wisconsin Protest Pictorial

By Da King Published: February 21, 2011

Liberals dishonestly condemned the protesters of the Tea Party movement as racist, fascist, extremists bent on violence. There was no violence by those protesters. They were peaceful, and they weren't racist or fascist either, but liberals found a few signs in the crowd that sounded kind of extreme. They used those signs to endlessly condemn the entire movement.

But as they say - what goes around, comes around.

Here are some signs from the Wisconsin union protesters. Let's see if liberals have the same reaction to these as they did to the Tea Party protests.

Keep in mind, these signs come from the people teaching your children:

Here we have a brainiac comparing Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker to Osama Bin Laden because Walker endorsed legislation to be considered in the Wisconsin Senate. Said legislature would be subject to a vote (the democratic process). Wisconsin Democrats ran away and hid rather than vote. That makes Walker a terrorist ? I hope the above sign-carrying clown doesn't teach civics.

Hmmm. Maybe they don't teach civics in Wisconsin.

Ah, yes. The inevitable Hitler reference. And nice move bringing your small child along to your demonstration of historical ignorance, buddy. Fascists are the ones who DON'T go along with the will of the people. They impose their will, as the hide-and-seek Democrat Senators in Wisconsin are attempting to do, and as the protesters who stormed the Wisconsin statehouse, beat on the doors of the assembly room, and shut down the legislature did. At least the original Browhshirts didn't have the gall to call their opponents Brownshirts.

The Hitler references were popular...

Yes, having a teacher contribute 12% of the cost of his own health insurance IS the same thing as slaughtering 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, isn't it ? Who can argue with logic like that ? They must not teach history in Wisconsin either.

If you can't beat 'em,...kill 'em. I hope this protester was standing right next to the guy with the Holocaust sign, for maximum ironic effect. Oxymorons unite !

Hey ! Where did this sign come from ??? Pssst. Quick, sweep it under this rug. We aren't supposed to TELL THEM we're socialists, remember ? We're supposed to deny it.

This last one contains profanity. Stop now if you are offended by that.

Classy. Obviously, an English teacher created this one. It took a bit of thought. Plus, they inadvertently got the "Fascist Union" part right.

There are all kinds of signs at the Wisconsin protests calling for Gov. Walker's impeachment. I hate to be a stickler for things like facts, but....can anyone identify an impeachable offense committed by Walker ? I can't. I'm fairly sure "because the mob says so " is NOT a valid grounds for impeachment.

Given the apparent lack of civics knowledge among Wisconsin's teachers and protesters, this seems like a good time to plug The Dreyfuss Initiative. It is dedicated to refocusing on teaching civics in America. Sounds like a real good idea, considering. Maybe it's time to get something besides cheese into the heads of some Wisconsin teachers, and I know this phenomenon isn't restricted to that one state.



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