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The Dazed And Confused Awards

By Da King Published: April 24, 2008


This is a short one, just a few quotes to show you how the other half thinks (or more accurately, DOESN'T think). Here are the winners for the week.

Winner of the Can't See The Forest For The Trees Award:

“Joblessness is growing. Millions of homes are sliding into foreclosure. The financial system continues to choke on the toxic leftovers of the mortgage crisis. The downward spiral of the economy is challenging a notion that has underpinned American economic policy for a quarter-century—the idea that prosperity springs from markets left free of government interference. The modern-day godfather of that credo was Milton Friedman...” —New York Times economics reporter Peter Goodman, forgetting that free markets are what created U.S. wealth to begin with.
Winner of the No Sh*t Sherlock Cup:

“The problem is not that I met with Hamas in Syria, the problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet these people... So I told [Hamas] don’t wait for reciprocation, just do it unilaterally. This will bring a lot of credit to you around the world for doing a humane thing. They turned me down.” —Jimmy Carter, apparently unaware that the mission of Hamas is to destroy the state of Israel.
Winner of the Pinko Pinhead Plaque:

“[J]ust when we were close to a national news media providing a general consensus on what the truth is, along comes the Internets [sic] that allows its users a choice on the kind of news it watches and the YouTube. My God, we’ve got to stop them.” —actor Tim Robbins. Don't quit your day job, comrade Tim.
Winner of the Feel The Left Wing Lunatic Love Trophy:

"The Clinton campaign describes Hillary’s voters as older, white, and undereducated. Or as we called them in my neighborhood: white trash." -- liberal radio host Randi Rhodes, talking about her fellow Democrats following the Pennsylvania primary. Maybe Barack Obama can speak to Mz. Rhodes about her bitterness, which is causing her antipathy towards those who aren't like her (the sane).
Winner of the Just Lose, Baby Button:

"The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result on Tuesday, was even meaner, more vacuous, more desperate, and more filled with pandering than the mean, vacuous, desperate, pander-filled contests that preceded it. Voters are getting tired of it; it is demeaning the political process; and it does not work. It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election." -- New York Times editor, irritated that Hillary Clinton is still trying to become president instead of rolling over and dying to clear the way for Saint Barack of Obama's Hope And Change Traveling Vaudeville Show.
And finally, I'd like to nominate Keith Olbermann for Dazed And Confused Man Of The Year, for absolutely every word he's spoken on that hack MessNBC pile of propaganda he calls a television show.

Thank you. That's all, folks.



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