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The Death Of Responsibility

By Da King Published: June 1, 2010

I've been off the grid for the last ten days or so. My computer crashed and burned like a BP oil rig, my lady love had surgery, and I moved to a new cave. I've missed blogging and corresponding with you all (well, most of you, anyway).

Now my computer is back up and running better than ever (I hope). My hardware problems are fixed (I hope). To correct the problems with my computer, I looked into a federal program run by the newly created Departement Of Personal Computer Social Justice (DOPCSJ). Obama, Pelosi, and Reid all say this department is essential in guaranteeing every American the constitutional right to get online, have their e-mail tracked by the federal government, and view porn, which is also tracked by the federal government. It's a basic human rights issue.

After a dozen phone calls to the DOPCSJ, and after I filled out the necessary thirty-seven pages of forms, I received a memo from the DOPCSJ stating that a commission would be formed to review the status of my computer, and also to determine who was at fault for the hardware problems. The bipartisan commission would report it's findings within 90 days (with five Democrats and four Republicans on the commission, preliminary findings indicated my problems were due to policies of the Bush administration). Following the official finding, a repair order would be issued guaranteeing my computer would be fixed within 12 months, and if it wasn't, I could appeal. The White House also sent me a letter warning that my computer might never be fixed if the Republicans recapture a congressional majority in november. It turns out the mean old Republicans think the DOPCSJ is a waste of money. I guess they don't believe in social justice.

As helpful as the government was, I told them thanks but no thanks, and decided to tackle the problem myself. I ran some diagnostics on my machine and found some problems. Then I went to Best Buy and purchased a couple new memory cards and a new cable modem. My computer problem was resolved an hour later. In fact, my machine is a lot faster than it was before.

Okay, I made that stuff up about the DOPCSJ. There is no DOPCSJ, but only because Obama and company haven't thought of it yet. I'm sure they'll get around to it eventually, once they realize the rich have more computer access than the poor. Our big government critters theorize that if people don't have something, the government should just GIVE it to them. They'll let some future politicos worry about saving the country from bankruptcy. Our official government policy is to tax the bejesus out of some future generation in order to satisfy our own immediate desires. That's what responsible people do, right ? We've gone from JFK saying "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," to "Ask your country to give you free stuff because you want it."

How inspiring. What could possibly go wrong ?

This reminds me, while I was off the grid the national debt just crept past the $13 trillion mark, and we're adding about $100 billion to the deficit every month.

Party on, dudes ! We'll just put it on the credit card.

As it turns out, our betters in big government now can even quit your job. The government has your back ! Yeah, baby, we're gonna party like it's 1929 ! Here's the person third in line for the presidency, Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi, speaking about ObamaCare:

"We see it as an entrepreneurial bill, a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care."

San Fran Nan said something similar a couple months ago:

"So, you can‘t—everybody has so much to gain from this, small businesses, as I said, seniors, young people, women, our economy. Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance or that people could start a business and be entrepreneurial and take risk, but not job loss because of a child with asthma or someone in the family is bipolar—you name it, any condition—is job locking."

Whoopee ! Let's all quit our jobs and follow our dreams. I know a lot of people who would LOVE to sit around the house all day, get high, and play video games. Thanks to Obama and Pelosi, those people can follow THEIR dreams AND get free health insurance. In addition, the government will give these

deadbeats dreamers food stamps, provide cheap housing, pay their heating bills, and even give them spending money. These dreamers will get a lot more money if they spit out a couple kids for other taxpayers to support. Is this a great country, or what ?

Others may have the dream of selling necklaces made of gum wrappers at the flea market, but they are stuck in a day job working at the bank to provide for their families. NOT ANY MORE ! Start making those gum wrapper necklaces, Mr. and Mrs Entrepreneur. Obama and Pelosi are there to pick up the pieces.

With Pelosi's entrepreneurial vision, we'd soon have a society full of artists, musicians, photographers, writers, gum wrapper necklace vendors, and

deadbeats dreamers. It's so groovy, man.

The death of responsibility is fully endorsed by your government leaders. You see, they think the more free stuff they give you, the more likely you are to vote for them, even if it does bankrupt the country a few years down the line. They think you are too stupid to even realize the ramifications of their spendthrift policies.

Maybe that's why liberals want to let the illegal immigrants in. Somebody will have to do all the real work, the hard work. Somebody has to be responsible. It might as well be the illegal Mexicans, eh libs ?
And Counting...It's now day 43 of the Obama administration being "on top of" the BP oil spill, which is magnifying into the worst ecological disaster in the history of the country. Good work, bureaucrats. Is it really possible that nobody on this earth knows how to plug a two-foot wide hole in the ocean floor ? I can't accept that. We put a man on the moon for chrissakes. We fixed the Hubbel telescope and the space station in OUTER SPACE, but we can't fix this ? There must be someone out there to say "Yes, We Can." That phrase made a big stir a couple years ago. What happened ?



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