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The Democrat Willie Horton Ads

By Da King Published: April 19, 2010

Just when I thought the Democratic party couldn't possibly alienate me any more than they already have, they proved me wrong and alienated me further.

Near the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, former President Bill Clinton couldn't help himself. He just had to politicize it. Bubba joined into the Democrats non-stop version of the Willie Horton ad by warning that those scary Tea Partiers could inspire another Timothy McVeigh. In typical Dem fashion, Clinton also lashed out at other conservative speech, including the internet and talk radio.

Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my. Could this possibly be any more tired ?

There are a couple critical differences between the Republicans Willie Horton ad and the current Democrat version trying to scare the country over the Tea Party movement.

First is that Willie Horton was actually a criminal. He raped, robbed, and killed people. The Tea Party has done nothing but protest out-of-control government spending, excessive government instrusion, and spiraling deficits and debt, which threaten the future of this country.

Second is that then-presidential candidate Michael Dukakis DID release Willie Horton from prison. While serving a life sentence for murder, Dukakis granted Horton a furlough. Horton never returned, and subsequently committed assault, armed robbery, and rape.

Democrats were outraged that the Republicans used Willie Horton to illustrate that Dukakis was soft on crime, but they have no problem at all with turning peaceful protesters at the Tea Parties into scary boogeymen who will bring about domestic terrorism. Can you say 'hypocrites' ? Also evident is that Democrats don't remember their own heated rhetoric during Dubya's administration. Is there a word that means 'more than hypocrites' ? If not, there should be. The Democrats fit the requirements.

I'm also left to wonder why Democrats never blame themselves for the violence. What inspired Timothy McVeigh was the Waco tragedy, where seventy-six died (including 19 children) in a fire during a siege by the Clinton administration ATF/FBI. But of course, the Democrats don't blame themselves. Instead, they blame a book McVeigh read. I guess being a Democrat means never having to say you're sorry.

There has been so much fearmongering by the Democratic violence pimps that I'm beginning to think they WANT something bad to happen, so they can point and say 'see, we told you so.' There is even a group of left-wing nuts called CrashTheTeaParty who want to create phony Tea Party incidents. These folks are PRAYING for real examples of violence by the Tea Party movement, and if they can't find any, they'll just make some up. Such integrity.

While I'm on the subject of the Tea Parties (which the media never lets us get too far away from), here is someone the media tells us doesn't exist, a black Tea Party member. Politico actually has the nerve to ask him if he's nervous being at a Tea Party event. His answer, already known to any of us who have been involved in the movement, will only surprise Kool-Aid drinking liberals who ignorantly believe the Tea Parties are about racism:

Btw, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart's $10,000 reward for proof of previous Tea Party racism has grown to $100,000. It still has not been collected. Hmmm. Imagine that in this day and age, when most people carry videocameras around in their cell phones, and every notable event is filmed.

The only thing I can conclude is, Democrats are VERY worried, and it has driven them and their pet media insane (more insane than usual, I mean).



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