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The Effects Of Biden As Obama's Veep

By Da King Published: August 23, 2008

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The Republican party may not admit it, but they are breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning that Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama's Vice Presidential pick. An Obama-Clinton "dream team" ticket was viewed by the GOP as nearly unbeatable. According to Politico, Hillary wasn't even vetted by the Obama campaign, which may indicate she was never under consideration for the Veep post. I find that odd considering Hillary's status. She would have practically guaranteed the female vote in november.

Among the candidates reported by the media as being the finalists for Vice President (Biden, Bayh, Kaine, Clinton), I think Obama made the best pick other than Clinton. Senator Joe Biden from Delaware has the experience that Obama does not have. He has 30 years of experience in the Senate, is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and has chaired the Judiciary Committee in the past. Biden knows his way around D.C. politics. He could step into the presidency if necessary. There are things about Biden I don't like. He is generally liberal, and he presided over the judicial confirmation hearings of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, two of the biggest examples of the politics of personal destruction you will ever witness.

On another level, Biden is a very bizarre choice for Barack "Change" Obama to make. It is well-known that Biden is a friend of John McCain's, and has said in the past that the country would be "well-served" by a McCain (or Biden) presidency. During the primaries, Biden characterized Obama as an inexperienced first term Senator. Biden said he didn't believe America would elect someone as wet behind the ears as Obama to the highest post in the land. I'm sure the GOP is ready to dust off all those old anti-Obama pro-McCain quotes from Biden.

Even worse, Biden voted in favor of the Iraq war, and was also in favor of the Surge. Biden calls himself a centrist on foreign policy, meaning his views are closer to McCain's than they are to Obama's. How does Obama explain nominating someone as his Veep who is against Obama's signature issue position, the issue that brought Obama to the forefront - opposition to the war ? Picking Biden seems to counter the essential Obama (if there is such a thing).

It's almost like Barack Obama is selecting McCain as his Veep when it comes to foreign policy. I'm definitely surprised by this pick. Obama probably picked Biden to offset Obama's lack of experience, but it may only serve to highlight that very thing.



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