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The Forgotten Man

By Da King Published: September 14, 2011

My PC crashed the day before Obama's "jobs" speech, where we discovered that our spendthrift President wants to fork over another $450 billion in hard-earned taxpayer cash for Stimulus II, the American Jobs Act. Because the federal government doesn't actually pay for anything anymore, the bill for Obama's latest spend-o-rama will come due on some future date, to be paid by some future put-upon taxpaying schlub, assuming there are any taxpayers left by then. Oh wait. I nearly forgot. Obama said every penny of Stimulus II is paid for. It's easy to forget that, mainly because Obama didn't say how it will be paid for. He just waved his magic future spending cut wand and commanded the congressional Super Committee to add another $450 billion to the $1.5 trillion in spending cuts the bipartisan committee will never agree upon. No problem. Heck, I don't know why Obama didn't just order that committee to cut $14.6 trillion from future spending and payoff the entire national debt. That would really solve our problems...but only if you believe in magic like Obama does. Using Obama's "it's all paid for because I told them to pay for it later" (ill) logic, everything the federal government has ever done is paid for, because it all will be paid by someone, somehow, someday. The two trillion dollar question is HOW, but our President can't be bothered with such trivialities, not when there's an election to win.

While I was off the grid, our feckless President urged Congress to pass his jobs bill immediately. He took to the campaign trail, leading his shrinking base in choruses of "pass the bill", even though the bill hadn't even been presented to Congress yet. The Prez ain't much of a details guy. We are seeing more evidence of that as we learn the White House pressured the OMB to approve the Solyndra deal in time for VP Biden's photo op, despite the OMB's objections, and despite a credit agency's estimate that Solyndra would run out of money in September 2011, which is exactly what did happen. That cost the put-upon taxpaying schlubs another half billion bucks, but it almost seems like we're talking about Monopoly money these days, the numbers are so large. I remember a time when a half billion dollars seemed like a lot of money, but that was before the Great Fiscal Insanity descended on America like a plague of locusts. Nowadays, a half billion dollars sounds almost like spare change. I'm sure all you put-upon taxpaying schlubs out there can cough up that much dough, can't you ? After all, you are the backstop for every collosal waste of money that any politician in Washington D.C. can dream up.

The Prez is out on the trail, talking about all those infrastructure jobs again, all those roads and bridges that are falling apart. I wonder how that can be the case after Obama's $817 billion Stimulus I allegedly addressed that very same problem over the last two years. I mean, the Department Of Transportation's entire 2011 budget is only $79 billion. After Stimulus I, those "shovel-ready projects" should have fixed us up, no ? The President's words today say otherwise, but I guess y'all aren't supposed to remember what Obama said last year or the year before. If you do remember, the White House will call it a smear, which you can report to Obama's internet snitch line. When I'm finished with this post, maybe I'll report myself. Then again, I don't want the Feds raiding my house like I was some kind of Gibson wood-buying desperado. Perhaps I'll make a donation to the Re-elect Clueless Obama campaign instead. A very small donation.

If I do report myself to Obama's snitch line, I guess I better have some advice for the President, so here it is....Mr. President, we don't need another $450 billion in temporary stimulus measures that will wear off a year from now. That will change nothing over the long haul. All it will do is put us put-upon taxpaying schlubs even deeper in debt. What we need are permanent changes to help our businesses thrive and succeed in today's world. Nothing else will work. Get some new economists. The ones you have don't seem to get it, just like you don't get it. Our jobs don't come from the government. Our jobs come from the business sector. Stop treating business like it's your enemy. It isn't. It's the golden goose, and killing it is never a good idea.

Anyone still wondering who is the forgotten man ? If so, it's you, the taxpayers. You are the people who must pay for all this spending madness. The big spenders in Washington D.C. care not a whit for you. They are abusing you at every turn. They take your hard-earned dollars and hand it over to their cronies without a thought given to how it will affect you, the people. Your government isn't serving you. It's robbing you blind. Future generations will suffer because of it, and the big spenders don't care anything about them either. The people are being sold down the river so the big government types can throw your money at any constituency it thinks will garner them some votes. They have divided the nation against itself for the same purpose. Things have deteriorated to a point where everybody in this country has their hand out, looking for the government to bail them out. It's pathetic. It's not the America I love, and it sure isn't just the so-called welfare queens doing it. It's everyone. It's all the corporate CEO's, Wall Street, banks, foreign governments, the United Nations, unions, the military-industrial complex, farmers, health-care hucksters, etc. It's all the lobbyists, lawyers, activist groups, cronies, campaign donators, even the government bailing out itself at taxpayer expense. It's Democrats and Republicans doing it. Everyone expects to be subsidized by the American taxpayer. It's endemic. It's everyone. And we have stood by and let it all happen. It's time to wake up, America, because our time is running out.



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