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The Freedom Movement Scores

By Da King Published: May 19, 2010

In the Kentucky GOP Senate primary, the Tea Party-backed candidate, Rand Paul, scored a landslide win over the GOP establishment-backed candidate, Trey Grayson. Paul received 59% of the vote to Grayson's 35%.

The outcome immediately led Democrats, their pet mainstream media, and even some Republicans to wail about how those crazy right-wing radicals might be taking over due to the country's anti-incumbent sentiment. The leading example of this sentiment came from Kentucky's Democratic governor, Tim Kaine, who said:

“While the Republican nominee will focus on extreme ideas like abolishing the Department Education and disbanding the Federal Reserve, Jack Conway will work to create good jobs for Kentuckians, improve educational opportunities for young people, fight the special interests in Washington and help families and small businesses prosper.”

I'm not sure how abolishing the Department Of Education (DOE) can be considered radical. It didn't even exist until 1979. We managed to survive as a nation over 200 years without it. The DOE is a federal bureaucracy. It doesn't educate students. That is done at the local and state levels. What the DOE does do is spend lots of your money. It's current operating budget, according to the DOE website, is $68.6 billion. Obama's stimulus package has directed another $98 billion to the DOE. If we want to get serious about balancing our federal budget, which up to this point we have not been, the DOE is a good place to start.

As for abolishing the Federal Reserve, the Fed is a PRIVATE BANK that prints money for the government and charges the government (aka, the taxpayers) interest. The Fed also sets monetary policy, a service it performed so well in the runup to the financial crisis (NOT). Abolishing the Fed would be more radical than abolishing the DOE, no doubt, but I've been listening to Congressional Democrats bitch about banks that are "too big to fail" for over a year. Doesn't the Federal Reserve fall into that category ?

In any case, Rand Paul is not really running on a platform of abolishing the Federal Reserve, in spite of what Governor Kaine might want us to believe. To find out what Rand Paul's crazy radical extremist ideas really are, all you have to do is read them from his website. Here are his main wingnutty ideas in a nutshell (no pun intended) For more info on the following issues, go to Rand Paul's website linked above:

BAILOUTS - Dr. Paul opposes all federal bailouts of private industry. America is the land of opportunity, to succeed and to fail. It’s time our government starts promoting responsibility.
NATIONAL DEFENSE - Defending our Country is the most important function of the federal government. When we are threatened, it is the obligation of our representatives to unleash the full arsenal of power that is granted by and derived from free men and women.
INFLATION - Every dollar we print to service our debt reduces the value of the money in your pocket. Rand will fight to strengthen the value of our Dollar so our purchasing power is not destroyed by the sneakiest tax of all: inflation.
TAXES & DEBT - Lowering taxes gives working men and women the ability to take control of their own lives. It allows business owners to invest in their companies, pay their employees, and create new jobs. Lower taxes encourages spending, saving, and investing – all necessary for a healthy economy.
TERM LIMITS - Long term incumbency leads to politicians who seem to care more about what is best for their career than what is best for their country.
PRIVACY & LIBERTY - The Federal Government must return to its constitutionally enumerated powers and restore our inalienable rights. America can prosper, preserve personal liberty, and repel national security threats without intruding into the personal lives of its citizens.
SOVEREIGNTY - Let’s not give up our rights to those who don’t share the same respect for our history and our freedoms. The US Government must answer only to the Constitution and the citizens protected by it.
VETERANS - The men and women of our armed services deserve to be treated like the heroes that they are. No other group of federal employees is subject to such unfair treatment as our service men and women; and no other deserves the best.
HOMESCHOOLING - Rand proposes to restore the parental right to be responsible in educating children. He supports reduced taxes so that parents can allocate more of their own funds to homeschooling, if they so desire.
GUNS & POLITICIANS - How many politicians claim they are supporters of the 2nd amendment and then vote to restrict handguns? We need to send people to Washington that not only understand the 2nd amendment but the entire Bill of Rights.
ENERGY INNOVATION - If we leave our energy policy to the special interests in Washington, we will never solve our energy problems. Our energy crisis stems from too much government intervention. The solution requires allowing businesses and ideas to compete.
FEDERAL RESERVE - Given this incredible power given to a semi-private institution, one wonders why we don’t hear more about the Fed and its actions from the Congress. As Senator I would make sure that the Federal Reserve is held accountable and restore transparency to our monetary system.
HEALTH CARE - As a doctor I have had first-hand experience with the vast problems facing health care in America. Like other areas of the economy where the federal government wields its heavy hand, health care is over-regulated and in need of serious market reforms. As Senator, I would ensure that real free market principles are applied to fix this problem.
CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM - Last year, over 15,000 individuals worked for organizations whose sole goal was to rip you off. No, not the mafia or Goldman Sachs, but another distinctly criminal class—Washington lobbyists. In 2008, corporations and unions spent over $3 billion to bribe officials who claim to work for you.
ABORTION - Dr. Paul believes life begins at conception. He recognizes the most basic function of government is to protect life. It is unconscionable that government would facilitate the taking of innocent life. Dr. Paul opposes any federal funding for abortion.
ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - Dr. Paul does not support amnesty. Those who come here should respect our laws. Dr. Paul supports legal immigration and recognizes that the country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make a life for themselves.

Anybody see any crazy radical ideas there ???? I submit that anyone who does consider these ideas to be radical is himself/herself the radical one. Rand Paul supports limited government as spelled out in the Constitution. He supports lower taxes, an end to the out of control government spending that Obama and his Dem Congress are making infamous (and that Bush made infamous before Obama). He supports defending our country against threats, and says immigrants should obey our laws. Rand Paul knows a thriving private sector is essential to economic growth, which is where jobs and prosperity come from. Prosperity cannot be dictated from the top down by a huge federal bureaucracy that interferes in absolutely everything. Rand Paul believes in a free citizenry.

Radical, my aunt fanny. These principles are what our country was founded upon, and are the principles that led us to greatness. It is the erosion of those principles that is the true danger. To find the real radicals in our midst, look to those who act as the eroders. What is really radical is our CURRENT government, and I don't just mean Obama. Our current government is bankrupting us and stealing our liberties right from under our noses. That is what is radical. As Rand Paul said in his victory speech, "I have a message from the Tea Party. We've come to take our government back."

Sounds good to me. We're going to need a lot more guys like Rand Paul to do it. Keep up the good work, Tea Partiers. The dividends are starting to come.
Oh, I almost forgot. In another primary yesterday, the incumbent political hack Arlen "The Chameleon" Specter (?-PA) lost to challenger Joe Sestak (D-PA) clap.



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