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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

By Da King Published: November 9, 2011

Ohio's votes have been cast.

The Good: Congratulations to Ohioans for voting overwhelmingly in favor of Issue 3, which will make ObamaCare's health care mandate unconstitutional in Ohio. This is a well-deserved slap in the face to President Obama and his merry band of totalitarians who passed the unconstitutional mandate against the will of the American people. The Democrats may be able to buy off some partisan judges to back their unconstitutionality, but they haven't fooled the voters. Kudos, Ohio.

The Bad: Congratulations to the union group WeAreOhio for spending $30 million to run the most dishonest series of political ads ever aired in the history of Ohio. Nearly every WeAreOhio claim was patently false. Their phony scare tactics worked, and Issue 2 went down in flames. WeAreOhio proved that you CAN fool some of the people some of the time. I keep hearing Democrats say this is a big victory for Democrats and for labor. Well, let me explain exactly what has been "won" by Issue 2's defeat:

1) Ohio stays broke. There is not enough money to pay for our police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other governmental functions. As Governor Kasich said last night, "there is no bailout coming". Issue 2's defeat will most likely lead to layoffs of workers, because, as Kasich also said, "we just don't have the money".
2) We have allowed a special interest, public sector unions, to remain elevated above our elected officials and the taxpayers. Our state and local governments have no way to control their own costs in a budget crisis. This may be a pyrrhic victory for 6.6% of labor (unionized public sector workers), but it is a defeat for everyone else. I'm also growing very weary of that 6.6% referring to itself as representing "labor", "workers", and the "middle class". They aren't the only ones. We are almost all in that same boat, and the self-serving 6.6% sure doesn't represent me. My vote protected ALL the citizens in our state, not just the privileged few.
3) We have made it far more difficult to get rid of union-protected bad teachers, and other union-protected bad employees. Our children and citizens pay the price for this.

The Ugly: A special place in hell is reserved for all the voters who voted against Issue 2, and then voted against their local tax levies. This happened all over the state, including Akron. The Akron school levy was defeated, as were many other Ohio tax levies. The group of unbelievable hypocrites in this voting class are refusing to pay for the very public union benefits they just voted to uphold. I wish I could come to every one of your houses and punch you in the face. You are sooo deserving. As a result of this behavior, Akron faces a $20 million funding shortage for each of the next three years. Our state funding shortage remains much larger. How do you think THAT will affect our government workers, fools ??? A pox on you all. You may as well go join the Occupiers' Lord Of The Flies movement in Zuccotti park, because, like them, you believe in the magic jobs fairy.

As I wrote in my last post, Ohioans have two choices. Either we 1) Cut spending, or 2) Raise taxes. It's that simple, but yesterday, much of Ohio voted for neither. We have left our state in the lurch. That's what we have "won". Nothing.



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