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The GOP Budget That Wasn't

By Da King Published: March 27, 2009


Most times I look at the GOP and Democrats as a case of Dumb and Dumber. The argument over the federal budget is a perfect example.

On the Democrat side, President Obama has unveiled a budget that leads the country on a path to bankruptcy, and then has the audacity (of hope?) to say his critics (Republicans) don't have any alternative to Obama's budget from hell. Now, I don't know why the Republicans would even bother to formulate a budget of their own, since it would be a purely academic exercise. A Republican budget would have no chance of being implemented. As the minority party, it's enough to try to stop whatever part of the majority's agenda you find objectionable, in addition to pushing for what little you can get implemented yourself. With Obama leading the country to hell in a handbasket, being the 'party of no' is actually a good thing.

But I guess the GOP wanted to show that Obama a thing or two. They wanted to show him that they DID have an alternative budget, so they gathered the press corp together to unveil the REPUBLICAN BUDGET ALTERNATIVE.

I knew the GOP was in trouble from the get-go, when House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said "here's your alternative budget, Mr. President," and starting waving around what appeared to be little more than a pamphlet. Uh-oh.

It was actually a whopping 19 page "budget" called the Republican Road To Recovery. I have a suggestion here for the GOP. When you announce a "budget," it really helps if the "budget" contains, like, budgetary numbers, revenue and spending totals, deficit projections, and stuff like that. That's why they call it a BUDGET. The GOP's release contained NONE of that, therefore it wasn't a budget at all. Instead, it was a list of policy ideas. The Republicans said the budget details will come out next week (so why didn't you wait until next week to announce your "budget," GOP ?? Why didn't you wait until you actually HAD a budget before you announced it's release ?) In the battle between Dumb and Dumber, today the GOP won the DUMBER title.

Most of the Republican Road To Recovery consisted of criticizing Obama's big spending, big taxing ways. There's lots to criticize there, but I have another suggestion for the GOP. While the Democrats solution to every problem is spend more, tax more, and make government bigger (wrong, wrong, and wrong), the GOP has to come up with more ideas than just tax cuts. Not every GOP idea in it's imaginary budget amounted to tax cuts, but a lot of them did. The short version of the GOP's plan could be stated as 'cut taxes, stop the bailouts, reign in spending, and drill for oil.' Those are all worthwhile, but you have to spell it out.

I hope you do better next week, Republicans, because this week was a bust. The GOP's imaginary budget was basically John McCain's campaign platform, and guess what, that LOST. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something better than Obama's budgetary disaster. It shouldn't be that difficult to come up with something better than bankrupting the country, which is what Obama is proposing. Now that the GOP has taken Obama's bait about producing their own budget, they have to put up or shut up.

Here's one final piece of advice for you, GOP. It isn't a real great idea right now, with the country up to it's ears in debt, to be pushing for MORE tax cuts for the wealthy (the GOP wants to cut the top income tax rate from 35% to 25%). The Democrat's pet media will shout 'TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH' from the rooftops and you will be demonized all over again in the Dems ongoing class warfare battle. Just how dumb are you GOP'ers anyway ? It seems you haven't learned a thing. Instead of cutting personal income tax rates, cut taxes for business and investment, you dorks, so businesses can HIRE more people in this country and we can get the economy moving again.



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