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The Mainstream Media, aka The Democratic PR Firm

By Da King Published: September 14, 2008

Democrats know Sarah Palin is the least qualified Vice Presidential candidate in history. Her experience is limited to four years on the Wasilla, Alaska city council, eight years as mayor of Wasilla, two years on the Alaska Oil And Gas Conservation Commission, and nearly two years as governor of Alaska.

Outrageous. If McCain wasn't a computer illiterate, as a recent Obama ad points out, I'd send him an angry e-mail (then again, maybe the Obama people might have mentioned in that ad that McCain's war injuries make it very difficult for him to type at a keyboard. When McCain surfs the web, someone else does the typing for him. Funny how the Obama people left that part out).

Why, the last time an American Vice Presidential candidate had less experience than Palin is way, way, way back in...

2004, when John Kerry made John Edwards his Veep pick..

Edwards' entire political career consisted of less than one term in the US Senate at the time. Edwards had no executive experience, and no military or foreign policy experience either. John Edwards later became one of the big three frontrunners for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, and garnered more votes than a slew of more experienced candidates. The Dems went on to nominate the only guy they could find with less time in the Senate than Edwards himself, Barack Obama. So, you see, sometimes experience matters to the Dems and other times, not so much.

Do you all remember how the media attacked Edwards like a pack of wild dogs for his inexperience, how they launched a firestorm of criticism and rumors about him, how they descended on his hometown like Huns, trying to dig up every fact ever known about the man, no matter how trivial or irrelevant ?

No, I don't either, because they didn't do it. That sort of thing is reserved for Republicans.

Interestingly enough, ABC's Charlie Gibson interviewed John Edwards right after his Vice Presidential nomination was announced, just as he did with Palin. You can imagine the sort of tough questions Gibson asked of Edwards, just as he did with Palin. But you don't have to imagine anything, because here is a link to the Gibson interview with John Edwards. I print here every question Gibson asked, every statement Gibson made:

GIBSON: In the first half-hour, we talked about how direct were the attacks from the Republicans on the podium last night [at the 2004 Republican National Convention], directed at the Democratic ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards. A response this morning from John Edwards, the vice-presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. I talked with him a few moments ago.
GIBSON: Senator Edwards, they went at you hammer and tong last night from the podium here at this Republican Convention, saying the fundamental security of this country was at stake in this election, questioning John Kerry's ability to be commander in chief. I wonder how you felt as you listened.
GIBSON: Did it make you in any way second-guess the decision at the Democratic Convention not to mention George Bush from the podium so often, not to engage as directly?
GIBSON: You have used this line about two Americas and they have turned that from the podium night after night after night, saying, A, that there aren't two Americas, and, B, that what's really there are two of, two John Kerrys. And they get into this theme about John Kerry's conflicting votes on various issues. How are you going to answer that?
GIBSON: You speak with such equanimity this morning. Didn't they [the GOP] make you mad last night?
GIBSON: Did you get mad [at the GOP], though?
GIBSON: John Edwards, good to talk to you. Thanks very much.

Whew. One only wonders how Edwards didn't crack under such a withering attack. Of course, since Gibson was attacking the GOP, I guess it wasn't that difficult.

Any questions about how the mainstream media influences elections ?

If you still don't realize what's going on with the media in America, here are the questions Charlie Gibson asked Barack Obama during an interview three months ago. The Hot Air website accurately reported the gist of Gibson's questions to Obama as follows:

How does it feel to break a glass ceiling?
How does it feel to “win”?
How does your family feel about your “winning” breaking a glass ceiling?
Who will be your VP?
Should you choose Hillary Clinton as VP?
Will you accept public finance?
What issues is your campaign about?
Will you visit Iraq?
Will you debate McCain at a town hall?
What did you think of your competitor’s [Clinton] speech?

Pathetic. Sycophantic. Crap. And typical of how Obama has been treated by the MSM.

We don't have a mainstream media. We have a propaganda firm serving the interests of the Democratic party.

And FoxNews. The ones the rest of the mainstream media laughably criticize for being biased. If for nothing else, I commend FoxNews just for being off the Democratic media plantation.



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