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The Man Behind The Curtain

By Da King Published: September 4, 2010

Certain of my readers might think I'm a right-wing zealot, or maybe they think I'm just a mean old greedy white guy. They don't understand why I'm against so many liberal ideas. After all, liberals are the benevolent ones who only want to help people, right ? I mean, who could be against benevolent beliefs such as.....these ?:

- A better world is possible — a world where people come before profits.

- We need to build a [peace] movement that continues to organize for a complete withdrawal of troops and private contractors from Iraq and against the war in Afghanistan. A new kind of peace movement is needed to cut military spending, close US bases around the world, compel a nuclear weapons convention to eliminate all nuclear weapons and to begin to repair the damage done by US imperialism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and worldwide.

- Our collective efforts since 2001 have had a huge impact in strengthening the role of labor and communities of color in coalescing grassroots and national peace coalitions...

- Demilitarizing the economy, demilitarizing foreign policy is prerequisite for radical reform...Peace is necessary to meet human needs and sustain life on the planet.

- We need a new New Deal...united action of the peace movement, labor and social and economic justice movements on urgent issues of the day.

- We need a movement to move the money from wars to our communities. In Congress and at the grassroots, there are several new projects reflecting the reality that militarism is a roadblock to meeting human needs.

- [We have] championed the struggles for democracy, labor rights, women’s equality, racial justice and peace for ninety unparalleled history in the progressive movement of the United States, from the struggle against Jim Crow segregation, the organizing of the industrial unions, from the canneries of California, to the sweatshops of New York City.

- People and nature before profits.

- Capitalism combines formal equality with economic social inequality.

- Equality before the law is not necessarily equality in fact.

- a decent and rising standard of living, peace, justice, equality, a sustainable environment, gay rights, health care, education, affordable housing, the needs of seniors, democracy, and a fulfilling life for everyone.

- The principles of democracy, equality, justice, and class self-interest require a joint fight against all expressions of racism and gender oppression. We fight for full equality for all who suffer from racial, national, and gender oppression as an essential aspect of the unity that is basic to all social progress.

- all racially and nationally oppressed groups, women, and youth—can build a movement that also includes the many streams of our working people—such as family farmers, small business owners, and the self-employed—who united together have the power to make fundamental progressive change.

- The pursuit of world domination to further enrich capitalists has resulted in destructive wars, environmental devastation, and massive poverty.

- [We strive] to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country.

There you go. Good ideas one and all, am I right liberals ? All these ideas represent positive social change, correct ?

Well, maybe you think they do, but I pulled all the principles quoted above directly from the CPUSA website. CPUSA is short for Communist Party USA. Some of the quotes come from such luminaries as Marx, Engels, and Lenin. There also happen to be a few "minor" catches on the way to their utopia. The socialist paradise described above comes with a few prerequisites, namely...the subjugation of the individual to the state, the abolishment of private property, the abolishment of a free press, gulags and executions for political dissidents....minor little things like that. It worked out so well in the 20th century that 100-120 million people were slaughtered on the way to that totalitarian workers paradise, and then the remaining workers all ended up living in poverty under totalitarian regimes. That's what the Communists call "progress." That's the endgame behind their anti-capitalist, government-controlled, so-called progressive change. The "benevolent" principles outlined here by CPUSA are actually nothing more than propaganda to fool the useful idiots into following the Communists into bondage.

That's the man behind the curtain.

No thank you. I'll stick with liberty and take my chances. I'll stick with my country, one that stands against the dictators and totalitarian regimes of the world. I'll stick with free market capitalism too. I'll stick with opportunity being enough, because opportunity is non-existent under dictators and totalitarian regimes. That's why you don't see people flocking to North Korea, Cuba, etc. That's also why I'll continue to resist the trend toward a bigger, more controlling centralized government here. If we lose our freedom, it won't happen with one massive revolution, as it did elsewhere. It will happen step by step, with our liberties being gradually stripped away until one day we wake up and wonder what the hell happened to our free country. As George Washington said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." It is our patriotic duty as a free people to resist the expansion of the government's power over us, regardless of what tricks the Communists have up their sleeves to fool us into giving up the very thing that made this country so great - individual liberty.



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