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The Monday After

By Da King Published: November 8, 2010

Followup to last post - MSNBC is reinstating Keith Olbermann on tuesday. Because my blogger pal the Reverend blamed Olbermann's suspension on Fox News (I'm not kidding)), be sure to check the Reverend's blog, where he should be thanking Fox News for getting Olby back on the air.

In related failure news, Nancy Pelosi is running for House minority leader. Advice for House Democrats - get a clue and choose someone more popular, capable, and honest, like Maxine Waters (D-CA) or Charlie Rangel (D-NY)....only after their ethics trials are concluded, of course. Btw, Democrats, nice move scheduling those trials AFTER the elections. Maybe now the lame duck Dems will get their act together and pass the budget that was due two months ago, as well as deal with the expiring Bush tax cuts. With such integrity, not to mention their party-over-country attitude, it's hard to fathom how the Democrats lost so many elections last week. Or not.

Nancy Pelosi is echoing the almost universal sentiment coming from the liberal wing of the Democratic party to explain their election losses. These fools actually think it was their "messaging" that was the problem. Here's Pelosi, courtesy of Politico:

In a letter sent to fellow Democratic lawmakers Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California expresses confidence that she will be elected minority leader and calls for the party to “further modernize” and “communicate” the message that helped them win the House in 2006.

Her focus on message implies that Democrats lost at least 60 seats and the House because of a failure to communicate effectively about the agenda the party delivered rather than public disapproval of the policies. It’s an argument that may resonate well with House Democrats who blame the White House for not putting enough energy into honing and promoting public relations campaigns in support of major legislative items.

"In addition, we must build the capacity for effectively communicating our message of job creation and opportunity for all, while supporting our signature achievements of health care, Wall Street reform, and Social Security and Medicare," she wrote. "In the 2006 election with our ‘New Direction’ and ‘6 for 06’ message, we spoke with great clarity and unity — and we won. Now, we must further modernize not only that message but the way in which we communicate with constituents."

San Fran Nan still doesn't get it. It wasn't her "messaging" that was the problem. The problem was with the direction of the country under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats. The country is drowning in debt and deficits, on an unsustainable path towards bankruptcy, and Pelosi thinks she can "message" her way out of that. Not a chance. The country needs a new direction right now, and Pelosi and company will not provide it. On second thought Democrats, please DO make Pelosi the House minority leader. That way, in 2012 your party will be even further in the dumper than you are already. The Democrats long-held strategy of buying votes via government largesse (read: other people's money) is coming apart at the seams. Those big government chickens FDR set in motion so long ago are finally coming home to roost. There's no way to tax and spend our way out of this mess. That path is a dead end leading to a brick wall. If you don't believe me, ask Europe.

There's another silly meme being pushed by liberals regarding the Democrats election losses. These libs are claiming the problem was - Obama just wasn't liberal enough (what did they want, a Russian Revolution ?). To clear that up, I offer Obama's post-election phone call to the left-wing, George Soros funded group,

Notice how Obama refers to himself and as "we," leaving no doubt as to where his allegiances lie. It's full-speed ahead with the liberal agenda, but now Obama will have to go through a GOP-led House to implement it. Good luck, Mr. President. You'll need it.



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