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The Obligatory Palin Post

By Da King Published: July 5, 2009

I suppose I should write about Sarah Palin resigning as the Governor of Alaska, since she's been the subject of wall-to-wall news coverage since friday. The teevee talking heads have been all atwitter with their uninformed opinions (they range from "Palin is an out-of-the-box genius thinker" to "Palin is an idiot").

Let's see, what can I add to that discussion ?

Probably not much, but I see Palin as neither a genius nor an idiot. She became an instant sensation for the Republican party when John McCain selected her to be his Vice Presidential candidate in 2008. Rumor has it that McCain wanted to select Joe Lieberman, but was convinced to pick Palin instead, because conservatives weren't too happy about having a liberal Democrat (on everything but the war) as McCain's running mate. Palin fit the GOP bill as both a social and fiscal conservative, and BONUS!, she was a woman (and still is, in spite of liberal protestations to the contrary).

After Palin made her debut as McCain's running mate, McCain overtook Barack Obama in the polls. Palin excited the GOP base and many women voters, though later her inexperience on national issues would become a drawback.

The Palin phenomenon brought out the liberal hate machine like nothing I have ever witnessed before in my lifetime. They attacked her appearance, her husband, her children, her state, her hometown, her accent, her clothes, and anything they could dream up. More lies were told about Sarah Palin than I can even count. Among the liberal falsehoods were - Palin wanted to ban books, Palin didn't believe in sex education, Palin was a member of a secessionist party, Palin faked her pregnancy to cover up her daughter's pregnancy, Palin wanted creationism taught in schools, Palin's son was forced into the military for vandalizing buses, Palin cut the budget for special needs children.....and there are TONS more. They are all lies, and almost all were repeated by the mainstream media. This is in addition to Palin being called a b*tch, a Nazi, a hick, a cheerleader, a bimbo, an airhead, a sexpot, a slut, a whore, etc, etc. Pure hate from many of those "tolerant" liberals (who are really elitist, sexist, classist, anti-christian frauds).

And that was only during the presidential campaign. The attacks on Palin have NEVER stopped. She has had no less than 15 spurious ethics complaints brought against her by her opponents. ALL have been dismissed. I have written about them before. Think about this. That's 15 ethics complaints brought against Palin in only 2 1/2 years as the Governor of Alaska. Do you think someone was out to get her ? The answer is pretty obvious.

But just because people were out to get her is no reason for Palin to allow herself to be gotten, and in my opinion, that's just what she did by resigning. In addition to letting down the voters who elected her, she has let the haters harass her out of office. By doing that, she is only encouraging even more such lowlife tactics in the future, because now the lowlifes will see that their phony tactics can work. Sarah the Barracuda has become Sarah the Guppie, and if she has presidential aspirations (which I actually doubt), she just made it a lot tougher for herself by giving ammunition to her enemies.

Score one for the haters.

And here's a parting shot from one of the HuffPo haters, who wrote a piece called 'Palin Will Run In '12 On More Retardation Platform'. Stay classy.



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