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The One Addresses The Multitudes

By Da King Published: August 29, 2008


I'm so fortunate. Maybe someday in the not so distant future, as I'm thriving in the new world, in the paradise known as Obama's America, where all evil Bush/McCain policies have been stricken from the land, I can tell the little children of the beforetimes, the Dark Age, when we were all naked and starving - homeless, jobless, hopeless, alone. I can tell the children how The One brought about the Great Change unto this barren wasteland, and how we were miraculously resurrected, with tears of gratitude streaming down our thankful beaming faces. I can tell how we ignorant sheep were led from the desert and brought unto the Promised Land by he who is called Barack, the Shepherd. And verily, I can tell how the jaded naysayers were cast aside, as so many pebbles from his Shining Path. As it was foretold in a dream by the great prophet Martin some two score and five years past, the One ascended to a mountaintop in a place called Denver, and suddenly there was light, where before there had been none, where before there had been only darkness. I can tell how the plagues were removed from this hellish, fruitless place, how the stitiches were unsewn from our sightless eyes, and the land became a place called Hope, as foretold by another great prophet, William the Slick. I can tell how the great Obama rose up and waved his magic federal wand, the Shaft Of Power, and suddenly there arose a great wind, and manna fell from the sky, the rivers flowed with wine, and oil was transformed into viable sources of environmentally friendly alternative renewable energy at a reasonable cost with zero carbon emissions. And we saw that it was good. Amen.

Either that or the Democratic party has spent a boatload of money creating an elaborate fairy tale in an attempt to foist this inexperienced accomplishment-bereft rookie Tony Robbins-type huckster preacher off on us as some type of second coming of the savior, when really they are only trying to consolidate their own government power and absolute authority over us all, and will drive us straight into an economic ditch with their big government, utopian, already disproven, throwback socialist fantasies. C'mon folks, are ya kidding me ? I never heard so much bull in my entire life. This is America, land of the free - not America, land of the handout.

You decide.



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