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The Party Of Irresponsibility

By David King Published: July 2, 2013

$6.3 trillion and counting. That's the amount of national debt added since Democrat Barack Obama became President. We had four years with deficits over a trillion dollars on Obama's watch, and an estimated deficit of $642 billion this fiscal year, which is still a higher annual dollar deficit than any by a President not named Barack Obama. The Democrats and Obama take absolutely no responsibility for it. They blame it all on Dubya instead, as if Obama is just a leaf floating helplessly along the unalterable current of Bush's River Of Destiny.

When the Democrats took control of Congress at the beginning of 2007 (and have retained control of the Senate ever since), the national debt was $8.67 trillion. Today, it is nearly $16.9 trillion, which means the national debt has almost doubled in only seven years. Think of that. It took this country 231 years to accumulate it's first $8.6 trillion in debt, and seven years to accumulate the next $8.6 trillion in debt. Does this sound like a country that is headed in the right direction ? It sounds like fiscal irresponsibility on an unprecedented scale to me.

The Democrat-controlled Senate didn't even pass a budget for four years, though they did manage to pass an $800 billion stimulus package (on the national credit card) and a monstrosity of a health care bill that has produced 20,000 pages of new legislation to date. Obamacare creates the most massive expansion of the welfare state since Medicare, and raises health care costs for everyone not added to the Democrat's Obamacare welfare state. Irresponsibility on steroids.

President Obama thumbed his nose at our nation's immigration laws by actually coming out and saying he would not enforce them. Deporting those who enter this country illegally is apparently too much responsibility for Democrats. They prefer amnesty instead, which is an open invitation for more people to enter this country illegally. Not too smart. When Republicans say we must enforce our borders prior to granting amnesty to lawbreakers, the Party Of Irresponsibility gets it's panties in a bunch and pretends the rule of law is racist, as if we're not a sovereign nation.

Democrats believe it is waaay too much responsibility for voters to prove who they are at the voting booth. Instead of accepting responsibility by backing sensible Voter ID laws, the Party Of Irresponsibility hyperventilates, swoons, and then faints dead away, as if showing one's driver's license or electric bill at the polling place is the equivalent of slavery, and the rise of the new Confederacy is right around the corner. I'm surprised Democrats don't break out into old negro spirituals. It makes for grand political theater (of the absurd), but in the end, Democrats are only favoring irresponsibility again.

The Party Of Irresponsibility won't even consider any restrictions on killing the unborn. That kind of responsibility they cannot endure.  When Republicans try to limit abortions to 20 weeks, or try to give pregnant women ultrasounds so they can be informed about exactly what it is they are killing, Democrats pretend the Taliban is taking over America. Heck, many Democrats won't even admit there is an unborn human being growing inside a woman's womb. They pretend the entire issue is about a woman's privacy, even after the "privacy" has a beating heart, arms, legs, eyes, and can feel pain. The Party Of Irresponsibility could care less. They run from responsibility like the plague when it comes to the issue of abortion.

The Party Of Irresponsibility hates it when Republicans advocate work requirements or job training as a prerequisite to handing out welfare benefits to able-bodied, capable adults (which should be a no-brainer). A couple weeks ago, I listened to House Democrat after House Democrat equating such work/job training requirements to throwing people out on the street, starving the children, and even to committing genocide. These representatives of the Party Of Irresponsibility were so outraged and truculent over the looming specter of personal responsibility that for a moment I thought they actually believed their own bs (but, of course, they don't...except for a few of the really stupid ones). It's as if the Democrats WANT people to be irresponsible wards of the state rather than productive, independent citizens. Put another way - dependent people will vote for whoever gives them the biggest handout. That's the Democratic Party. Thus, the election strategy of the Party Of Irresponsibility is to create as many  dependent people as possible, and then, Voila!, the Democrats win...forever. And who cares if the country goes down in flames under the fiscal burden, as long as the Democrats win, right ? Democrats are just compassionate like that. Besides, if the Democrats run out of money, they can always steal more money from the productive sector to give to the dependent sector. That has the added benefit of turning more of the productive sector INTO the dependent sector. It's beautiful. The plan of the Party Of Irresponsibility is almost flawless, until, one day, as Margaret Thatcher said, you run out of other people's money. But why should Democrats worry about such things ? If they did that, then they'd be responsible people...but they are the Party Of Irresponsibility !!! They worry about nothing, except pandering for votes, and if the character and strength of a nation is destroyed in the process, so be it. Americans are mostly just peons anyway.



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