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The Race Card

By Da King Published: January 14, 2008


Surprise, surprise. I guess I should have seen this coming, but I didn't. I keep hoping we have grown past all this stuff, but we haven't. Here we are approaching the South Carolina primary, the first with a significant percentage of black voters (50% of 2004 S.C. primary voters were black), and suddenly, out of the blue, the Clintons are charged with being racists, based on racially insensitive remarks that Hill and Billary supposedly made.

What were the 'racially insensitive' remarks made by the KKKlintons ?

1. Hillary said Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality was only brought to fruition when LBJ signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, her meaning being that it takes action along with words to accomplish desired change. She was trying to contrast her experience and action with Obama's words.

2. Bill said Obama was telling a "fairy tale" about his opposition to the Iraq war.

If you are wondering how any of that is racist, I'm right there with you. I'm wondering too. I agree Hillary's comment about MLK was ill-conceived. After all, it could hardly be said that King wasn't a man of action. He was. He did a lot more than just make speeches, and without him, there probably is no Civil Rights Act passed in 1964. That doesn't make Hillary's comment racist. You really have to go fishing to extract that meaning from her words, and it appears Obama's campaign did go fishing. An Obama staffer compiled a list of statements from the Clintons that they thought could potentially be spun as racial, and used against Hillary.

Does this mean Bill isn't the first black president anymore ?

Is this an example of how Obama is going to bring people together ?

Hillary successfully defended herself against the silly racial charge on yesterday's episode of Meet The Press (and after the race subject was finished, she spent the rest of the program lying her butt off about her shifting positions on the Iraq war and everything that happened back in the late 90's. That was must-see-tv. Classic Clinton Crapola).

For his part, Bill Clinton has been making the rounds of black radio stations in South Carolina, apologizing for the racial statement he never made. White guilt is incredible, isn't it ?

Expect Obama to disavow this entire subject very soon (now that the point has been made, and the race card played, that is). Ain't politics grand ?



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