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The Thin President

By David King Published: July 8, 2013

In my opinion, President Obama made one of the smartest decisions of his presidency last week, when he temporarily delayed the Obamacare employer mandate until 2015. Under the mandate, companies with 50 or more employees have to provide qualified health insurance (read: insurance of which Obama and the Democrats approve) for their employees or pay a fine of up to $3,000 per employee. By delaying this onus Obama and the Democrats have put on the backs of American businesses, which included extensive new reporting requirements from businesses, they also delay the political backlash from a mandate that will cause employers to cut employee hours and hire fewer employees. Most importantly, it delays the backlash until after the 2014 midterm elections. Obama is a lousy legislator, but he's a clever politician.

Naturally, businesses are relieved.

If only Obama and the Democrats would CANCEL the Obamacare employer mandate...and then cancel the Obamacare individual mandate, which is still scheduled for 2014...and then cancel several other key provisions of Obamacare...then they'd be onto something. Come to think of it, they should cancel Obamacare completely and replace it with something simpler and better. Obamacare is a bureaucratic nightmare. It is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever devised by Congress, with it's 20,000 pages of legislation to date and counting. It was pushed through unilaterally by the Democrats, with hardly any bipartisan support and against the will of the American people...and the mandate should have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but Chief Justice John Roberts got it wrong and bought into the Obama administration's ever-shifting "it's not a tax", "it is a tax" doubletalk justifications.

It doesn't speak well for the Obama administration or the Democratic party when it's signature legislation faces delays after they've already had over THREE YEARS to get their act together. That makes it appear as if Obama and the Democrats don't know what they're doing, which is probably due to the fact that Obama and the Democrats don't know what they're doing. Why a bunch of political hacks think they can run our health care system is beyond me. It's akin to me, a computer programmer for decades, thinking I could run NASA. Not bloody likely, and it would take a lot of arrogance on my part to believe such a thing.

I suspect it has finally dawned on Obama that his signature legislation is going to hurt a lot of people. Not good for a man who describes himself as  "a warrior for the middle class". It has long been my opinion that the economic policies of the Democrats HURT the middle class by driving up prices, driving away businesses and jobs, holding down wages, and causing continual tax increases (or debt accumulation). Why do you think it now takes two incomes to support a family, whereas it used to only take one ? You can track that right along with the stupendous growth of government over the last decades. Democrats never seem to realize that someone has to pay for all the "free stuff" Democrats like to hand out. That someone is ALL OF US. This country isn't $17 trillion in debt for nothing. We're $17 trillion in debt because our political whizbangs in Washington D.C. don't want to admit that all their promises of "free stuff", along with our military role as policeman of the world, are UNSUSTAINABLE. Like Obama, Washington D.C. has been in delay mode for years, delaying all accountability for it's actions. We are living in a fantasyland of fiscal irresponsibility, and it WILL all come crashing down upon us if we don't start electing some people to political office who will level with the American people. I've about had it with thin Presidents like Obama who act like they're the candyman handing out goodies. That isn't leadership. It's pandering.

Yet, we keep electing these clowns to office. We keep electing the person who promises us the most goodies, like we're a bunch of children. We elected Barack Obama, who is maybe the most unqualified man ever elected President. He had a measly two years in the Senate before he began running for President. His legislative accomplishments were few. He had almost no business or economic experience. He had no foreign policy experience. He had no military experience. He had almost no executive experience. The first significant executive position Obama ever held was the leader of the free world, the President of the United States Of America. Talk about the mother of all entry level jobs.

The only thing Obama did have going for him was a line of bs a mile wide and a modicum of oratorical talent. His was the thinnest candidacy imagineable, and we fell for it. He promised us the moon and the stars. He took every poll-tested popular opinion available and molded them all into one huge pipedream promise of hope and change, without having any idea whatsoever about how he was going to accomplish any of it, and without having much idea if he SHOULD try to accomplish it. He pretended to be post-partisan when he was just the opposite. His is the most partisan administration I have yet witnessed. He pretends to be transparent when his secrecy rivals that of Nixon. He has so many broken, abandoned, or unfulfilled promises that I can no longer count them all. We aren't polarized for nothing, and we're not polarized because Obama is half black either. That's insulting.

We're polarized because Barack Obama and the Democratic party he leads are locked in battle against the Republican party. It's an ideological struggle for the soul of the nation. In my view, both sides are in the wrong, but the MOST wrong is the big government, big nanny, ultimately totalitarian view of the left. MOST wrong is Obama's view, which has been proven to fail time and again throughout history. I thought America was supposed to be different, but it seems like we're falling into the same old trap that has ensnared almost everyone else. We are becoming, or already have become, a dependent nation rather an independent one.

Many people read my words and falsely assume I support the Republican party. I suppose that's partly due to the simplistic mindset of "you're either a Democrat or a Republican", but I can't help it if someone else's mindset is simplistic. One doesn't have to be either a Democrat or a Republican. One doesn't have to be either a liberal or a conservative. One doesn't have to be either a progressive or a Dittohead. In fact, I am suspicious of anyone who adheres completely to a certain ideological view. If, for instance, you are with the liberals on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, that only tells me you aren't doing much thinking of your own. That tells me you are letting someone else do your thinking for you. The same holds true for conservatives, libertarians, or whatever.

My only advice is - Think for yourself. Control your own destiny. Don't ever believe the government is going to hand you success. What the government gives, the government also takes away. Realize that before every political choice you make.



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