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The Third Democrat

By Da King Published: May 24, 2008

john mccain

The pollsters and media talking heads tell us the Democrats have a huge advantage in the fall elections, an advantage extending to the 2008 presidential race. I'll up the ante by declaring it to be a 100% certainty that a Democrat will be elected president this year. I guarantee it. Either one of the two liberal Democrats will win (Barack Obama (D-ILL) or Hillary Clinton (D-NYY)), or the Blue Dog Democrat will win (John McCain (R-INO). All the Conservative Republicans have already been eliminated, and it was Republican primary voters who eliminated them (which is a perfect illustration of the confusion within the Republican party these days). McCain the Blue Dog impersonated a Conservative Republican for awhile to get the Republican nomination, but his true nature is slowly leaking out now that he is focusing on winning the general election. McCain has come out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform (a catchphrase for amnesty for illegals), said recently he would consider a windfall profits tax on oil companies, and alluded to the oil companies "obscene profits" (which are about 25% of the profits the government makes on a gallon of gas, which the government does absolutely nothing to earn, speaking of obscene). In the past, McCain has come out against drilling for oil in ANWR, and he also embraces global warming alarmism by endorsing the economically disastrous cap and trade system for carbon dioxide. Here's an excerpt from a january 2008 McCain interview with Weekly Standard's Mike Goldfarb:

Goldfarb: Some people are perplexed by your rhetoric on global warming. Is this one of those ‘no surrender’ issues, or is there room for discussion?

McCain: There’s always room for discussion. But I don’t know how any conservative can not support cap and trade. We did it with acid rain. The Europeans are putting it into effect. It’s a capitalist process that encourages green technologies. If we’re wrong, all we’ve done is adopt green technologies, in an effort to give our kids a greener planet.

As far as ANWR is concerned, I don’t want to drill in the Grand Canyon, and I don’t want to drill in the Everglades. This is one of the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world.

That's a Democrat talking, not a Republican.

In the past, McCain partnered with Russ Feingold (D-WI) to pass campaign finance reform, which restricted political speech. McCain was part of the infamous "Gang of 14" who betrayed his own party on judicial appointments.

As you can see, McCain holds Democratic views on many issues.

The New York Times used to love John McCain for his "maverick" positions against the Republican Party, but now, John McCain is referred to in the Times and throughout liberaldom as a "Bush third term". They want you to believe there is no difference between George W. Bush and John S. McSame, I mean McCain. Of course that is a total lie, like so much of what the liberal media says regarding politics, but hey, if the media didn't lie, Democrats couldn't stay in power. The media runs sort of an equal opportunity program for the politically challenged, logic deficient Dems. It's an issue of fairness. It's what any Marxist worth his salt would do.

Democrats point to McCain's position of 'let's not destroy the Iraqi government by pulling out too soon' as proof that he is a Bush clone. McCain DID vote for the Iraq war, as did the majority of Democrats, and McCain DOES want to see the Iraqi government stand on it's own before we withdraw, unlike the majority of Democrats who wanted to pull out the second the political winds shifted against the war (but please don't question their patriotism, they all HONESTLY reversed positions the second it was politically advantageous to do so), but McCain was HIGHLY CRITICAL OF THE BUSH IRAQ POLICY for four years. McCain was the one who wanted the surge long before there was a surge, so he was hardly a Bush clone. McCain was also right about that, if it matters to anyone (it doesn't to the NY Times). Also, if it matters to anyone, Iraq keeps moving slowly in the right direction (the NY Times doesn't care about that either, and Democrats get downright testy if you mention it).

The other way Democrats try to equate McCain with Bush is because McCain doesn't want to reverse the Bush tax cuts. The Dems don't want you to think about it beyond that. The Dems want you to condemn those Bush "tax cuts for the rich", they want you to focus on that soundbyte, even though those tax cuts lifted the country out of a recession, and even though reversing them in this shaky economic atmosphere would be STUPID, unless, of course, bringing about a full-blown recession is the goal. Then it makes perfect sense. Put me down as being AGAINST implementing the largest federal tax increase in U.S. history at this particular point in time. You don't raise taxes in a recessionary cycle.

McCain has a history of fiscal conservatism, which you can't say about Bush, under whose watch federal spending increased greatly, with only a small percentage of that due to the war. McCain will attempt to reduce federal government spending. In that, he IS Conservative, but when you add all his positions in total, he fits the Blue Dog Democrat mold. The Blue Dogs are fiscally conservative too. Too bad they are an endangered species within their own party, because the Dems could sure use more of that. The majority of Dems lust after every dollar for themselves, because money is power, er, I mean, because they are benevolent and compassionate.

What's really comical here is how Barack Obama is the candidate being presented as the guy who can work across the aisle for bipartisan change, when Obama's record is down-the-line liberal on every single issue. Never has a politician's rhetoric and image been so removed from his actions and record as has Barack Obama's. There is, however, no truth to the rumor that William Ayers (D-WU) will be Obama's VP pick. That is just a rumor, and I don't want any of you to repeat it. I shouldn't even have mentioned it, the thing about former Weather Underground terrorist bomber William Ayers being Obama's friend. I just shouldn't say anything about it, so I won't. Nor should I mention Obama's racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. That's just wrong too. Let's just pretend Obama didn't hang out at that church for 20 years. That's the ticket. I'm sorry.

But anyway....

If you want someone who will reach out to the other side, John McCain's your man, not Barack Obama, or Hillary either. I say this though I'm not a McCain fan. The one thing I know for sure is that whoever wins the presidency in the fall, I won't like him/her.



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