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The Truth Doesn't Matter, Megyn

By David King Published: July 17, 2012

Here's a Fox News segment with host Megyn Kelly, in which Kelly shows her disgust with the mud-slinging misdirection of our current presidential candidates. I share her view of this campaign, particularly of the campaign ads, which are filled with negativity and do almost nothing in the way of addressing the enormous problems our country faces. We deserve better (don't we ?):


Money quote from above video:

Megyn Kelly: “Does truth matter anymore at all in the political process?

Democrat Dick Harpootlian : “I don’t think so."

The sad part is, I fear Harpootlian may be right. Historic low levels of workforce participation, $15.8 trillion in debt, trillion plus dollar annual deficits, unfunded entitlement costs increasing by trillions every year...and the news media is talking about whether or not Romney still controlled Bain Capital from 1999-2002 when he was running the Winter Olympics. Really ??? Who gives a sh*t ? All I want to hear from our presidential contenders is what their plans are to turn this country around, and I want the media to report on THAT, in order that the general public can be informed about the real issues we face in the coming election. The stakes for America couldn't be higher, and in my opinion have never been higher than they are in this election, but the media continues to give us these endless, stupid gossip column-level distractions about next to nothing. Both candidates are running ads that are demonstrably false (I haven't seen one from Obama yet is ISN'T false), and accomplish nothing other than slinging  mud at their opponent.

Good segment, Megyn Kelly.



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