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The Zionist Interlopers

By Da King Published: September 30, 2007

middle east map

As you can see from the above map, Israel, those ' Zionist interlopers', as Iranian president Ahmadinejad calls them, are really crowding the surrounding Muslim countries in the Middle East (Israel is the tiny sliver of yellow in the middle, next to the sea). It's getting so an Allah-fearing Muslim can barely breathe these days without a Jew fouling up the air in the neighborhood. I hear there is even a Jew in Iran. The nerve. On the plus side, it's said the Jew in Iran DOES know his place as a second class mud person infidel, descended from pigs.

If Israel's neighbors got their wish, the 'interloper' Jews, who, btw, have dwelt on current Israeli land in the vicinity of the holy city of Jerusalem since biblical times (and I'm talking Old Testament), would move their entire nation a few hundred miles west, smack dab into the Mediterranean Sea, or maybe to Europe, as the Iranian president suggested during his recent 'Feel The Love' speech at Columbia university. I imagine Ahmadinejad might recommend, oh, say, Germany as the ideal Jewish relocation spot, since he says nothing bad ever happened to a Jew there.

How did things get so screwed up between Israel and the Arabs ? That's a story too long to tell here, so let's just start in modern times with a thumbnail overview from 1948 forward, when the United Nations approved the partition plan dividing Palestine into two states, one Israeli and one Palestinian. The Israelis accepted the plan and were thrilled to finally have their own state, but the Arab League rejected the plan, violence started, war broke out, and has basically never stopped. So the reason the Palestinians haven't had their own state since 1948 is mostly because of the Arab/Muslim inability to accept peace rather than anything the Jews have done. They prefer war at all costs rather than peaceful coexistence. They have made that clear despite numerous attempts at reconciliation by the USA, the UN, and others. The rest is mostly propaganda. The next time you hear someone talking about Israel 'occupying Palestinian territories' , as I heard policy wonk/actress/clueless Angelina Jolie say the other day on the radio, remember that. The last Arab to strike a meaningful peace with Israel was probably Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. Remember what happened to him too. The Arab League suspended Egypt from the League for signing a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, and in 1981, Sadat was assassinated after a fatwa approving the assassination had been obtained from Omar Abdel-Rahman, a cleric later convicted in the U.S. for his role in the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Peace with Israel just doesn't play in the Arab world. They start going all jihad-y at the very thought of it. Only the destruction of Israel plays in the Arab world. So, if anyone thinks the Israelis are going to be all eager to cede the high ground of the Golan Heights to their mortal enemies and become sitting ducks, think again, unless the Israelis suddenly become one of those Kool-Aid drinking suicide death cults like Jim Jones led in Jonestown.

But we have a whole crop of historical revisionists at work in the United States these days, working hard to discredit Israel for protecting itself against Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Iran, etc, etc. It's not just Mz Jolie. There are many useful idiots out there. You see, it is politically convenient at the moment to blame the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on Israel, because the USA supports Israel, which means George W. Bush supports Israel, so...according to the leftist doctrine that absolutely everything Bush does has to be wrong..., therefore ISRAEL MUST BE WRONG. As in all historical revisions of the left, the facts be damned. See, simple as pie. That's part of the very reason Ahmadinejad was at Columbia to begin with. That's why his 'free speech' rights were SO important, far more important than the rights of the Minutemen, or the ROTC, or some other vile conservative speaker could ever be. It's all about the ideological push, and right now it's pushing against those Zionist 'interlopers'. Not to worry, though. Everything will go back to normal once we elect a Democratic president.



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