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Their Favorite Republican

By Da King Published: December 16, 2007


The Des Moines Register and the Boston Globe have both endorsed John McCain in the Republican primaries. Both newspapers also endorsed McCain in the 2004 Republican primaries. John McCain is Republicano numero uno - among Democrats, that is. Why do Democrats pretend to bring the love for Mr. McCain (and believe me, they ARE pretending. Neither of those newspapers would ever endorse McCain in a general election against another Democrat) ? Hear it for yourself:

McCain was praised by both newspapers as a straight talker who could help a polarized nation. The Globe's board said the Arizona senator could be an antidote to the "toxic political approach" of the last two presidential elections. The Globe also endorsed McCain before the New Hampshire primary in 2000.

"He doesn't parse words," The Register's board said Saturday of McCain. "And on tough calls, he usually lands on the side of goodness _ of compassion for illegal immigrants, of concern for the environment for future generations."

When the mainstream media calls McCain a "straight talker", what they mean is that he often sides with Democrats. When they say McCain "usually lands on the side of goodness", what they mean is, he often sides with Democrats. Sometimes, however, McCain doesn't land on the "side of goodness". Sometimes, he sides with Republicans, which the MSM is telling you is the side of evil. When the mainstream media speaks of "a polarized nation", that means those evil Republicans are not doing the bidding of Democrats. The newspapers all across our country have hundreds of these little sound bytes and phrases that are all telling the voting public the same exact thing over and over: VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT, because Democrats are the good guys. It's outright propaganda on a massive scale. They endorse McCain because he's the closest thing to a Democrat on the entire Republican ticket in their eyes. Plus, they know something else. When they say McCain could be the "antidote to the toxic political approach of the last two presidential elections", what they mean is, John McCain wouldn't have a snowball's chance of winning in the general election, because McCain has already alienated most of the conservative base. That's why his poll numbers are so low across the board. In the general election, McCain's faux Democratic friends would desert him faster than rats abandoning a sinking ship.

Democrats favorite adjective for McCain is to call him a "maverick". This is in contrast to how Democrats regard one of their own who defects from the party line, as in the case of "Traitor" Joe Lieberman, former Democratic vice-presidential candidate and current persona non-grata for his support for the war on Islamic terrorism. The MSM went ga-ga squishy over Lieberman's senate opponent in 2006, Ned Lamont. He was on-camera so much that I started to confuse him with Brian Williams.

Not that there's a liberal media or anything. Gosh no.

Oh yeah, on the Democratic side, the Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary for her illusion of experience and her last name, and the Boston Globe endorsed Obama due to his non-specific inspiring-sounding rhetoric that includes the word 'hope' and his multicultural background.

The only surprise came from the Des Moines Register, who criticized John Edwards, saying, "His harsh anti-corporate rhetoric would make it difficult to work with the business community to forge change". Normally, the liberal media loves to criticize corporations, since they see them (incorrectly) as Republicans. Maybe this time, an inter-office memo was sent out to the editorialists, reminding them that the Des Moines Register is, in fact, a CORPORATION. Ask not for whom the Edwards bell tolls Des Moines, it tolls for thee.



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