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"They Talk About Me Like A Dog"

By Da King Published: September 8, 2010

Everday in the week I'm in a different city
If I stay too long people try to pull me down
They talk about me like a dog
Talkin' About the clothes I wear
But they don't realize
They're the ones who's square.

--- Lyrics to Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix

President Obama channeled Hendrix yesterday during year two of his perpetual campaign presidency, trying to convince the voters that he's not the one who's square:

It's understandable why Obama's in a purple haze these days, feeling like a whipped puppy. The American people are against virtually all of his policies, and his approval rating has plummeted. His party is facing deep losses in the midterm congressional elections, and the economy still stinks despite Baruff's trillion dollars of stimulus spending. His castles are made of sand, and our country will sink into the sea, eventually. Maybe if Baruff would stand up next to the mountain of debt he's created, and chop it down with the edge of his hand, we wouldn't look at him as so much of an economic Voodoo Chile. He should fire his economic advisor band of gypsys, and ask potential replacements "Are You Experienced ?" in the world of business and job creation. Then Baruff might not have to keep acting as if six was nine on the jobs and economic fronts.

The President insists he's building a rainbow bridge to the future, but what the American people see is a room full of mirrors, and a Prez who keeps repeating "all I can see is me". Baruff acts as bold as love, but the private sector is telling Obama "you got me floatin' round and round." They don't know up from down, or what Baruff might do next. It's keeping us in a manic depression, and it's not like Baruff can call upon his Ezy Rider VP, say "Hey Joe", and get any answers other than "still rainin', still dreamin'" from his befuddled Second-In-Command. Biden's brain seems to be constantly stuck in crosstown traffic. At this rate, we might need an angel to come down from heaven and stay with us just long enough to rescue us.

What we really need is for Baruff the rainy day dream away man to remove the dolly dagger from our economy, giving us more freedom to come in from the storm and set our litttle wing a soarin'.

But I don't see that happening anytime soon, and I'm almost out of Hendrix let's have a golden winged ship named Jimi come pass our way:



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