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By Da King Published: August 13, 2009

Why isn't anyone in the media the least bit interested in Barack "Transparency" Obama's personal records ? This guy's life is a more well-hidden secret than Batman's. If you want to know where the Birther movement came from, consider all the records Obama has kept away from the public. Here's a partial list:

Long form birth certificate (original birth certificate)
Passport files
Harvard Law School records
University of Chicago records of scholarly articles
Columbia University records and senior thesis
Occidental College records
Punahou School records, fifth grade thru high school
Noelani Elementary School records
Files and schedules for years as Illinois state senator
Client list while practicing law with Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard law firm

In light of all this, is it unreasonable to ask "what's the big secret ?"

Don't take this to mean I believe in the Birther theory. I don't. There's not a shred of evidence that Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii, and Hawaiin government officials have affirmed his birth. I do, however, wonder what all the secrecy is about. Obama could end all this Birther nonsense in a New York minute by releasing his original birth certificate, yet he doesn't do that. Instead, he spends large sums of money to hire lawyers to fight the Birthers in and out of court, time after time. Somebody please explain to me how that makes any sense at all if the man has nothing to hide.
Speaking of transparency, or rather the lack thereof, what happened to Obama's pledge to hold the health care reform meetings in public on C-SPAN ? One more broken campaign promise, along with his broken pledge to keep the lobbyists and special interests out of his administration.
Speaking of special interests, it seems the Obama administration has made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to block any health care legislation that would allow the government to negotiate prices on prescription drugs. Democrats have been calling for this reform for years, and their President just shot them down. In return, Big Pharma is spending $150 million for ads in favor of Obama's health care reform. A special interest quid pro quo. The next time you hear the President or one of his minions at a townhall meeting rail against those evil special interests who are running health care, just laugh at them.
Speaking of townhall meetings, I have to concede a point to my Democratic friends. I finally have witnessed a "manufactured" townhall meeting on health care reform.

It was the one Obama held in New Hampshire. That meeting was so different from all the rest that it was obviously staged, with planted questions and all.
Speaking of New Hampshire, did you get a load of the protesting dipstick who was carrying a loaded gun in a holster outside Obama's townhall meeting ? To make matters worse, the guy was seen holding a sign that said "It's Time To Water The Tree Of Liberty." This is a reference to a quote from Thomas Jefferson, which states "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Let's add it up. Loaded gun + sign referring to bloodshed AT A PRESIDENTIAL EVENT !!! Any red flags being raised there ??? And to my knowledge, the Secret Service DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL about it.

It turns out the guy wasn't threatening the President, but hello, how fricking stupid can you be to carry a gun to where the President is going to be speaking ? Presidents get threats made against them every single day, and Obama is getting lots of threats, four times more than Bush got, according to the Secret Service. The Secret Service should have disarmed that moron and asked questions later.

I also have to come clean and admit that, after watching the gun-carrying tool being interviewed by Chris Matthews, it's apparent that the guy is a....a.....[cringe].....LIBERTARIAN. Shoot. Er, I mean, darn. That's all for today. I'm going to take my Ron Paul book and go home.



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