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Top Ten Government Disasters Of 2001-2009

By Da King Published: January 1, 2010

Happy new year, everyone !

As we move forward into a new decade, it is helpful to look back at the governmental disasters of the last decade in order to correct mistakes going forward. The Libertarian Party has released a list of the top ten government disasters of both 2009 and the previous decade. I don't agree with everything the Libertarians are saying, and my top ten list of mistakes would be a little different, but I agree with the vast majority.

Top 10 disasters of the 2009 Obama administration (in no particular order):

1. Cash for Clunkers
2. War escalation in Afghanistan
3. Giant government health care expansion bill
4. Post office loses money hand over fist
5. Stimulus package
6. Expansion of "state secrets" doctrine
7. Big increase in unemployment
8. "Bailout" Geithner as Treasury Secretary
9. Skyrocketing federal spending
10. Huge federal deficits

Top 10 disasters of the 2001-2008 Bush administration (in no particular order):

1. Cash for Car Companies
2. War in Iraq
3. Giant Medicare expansion bill
4. Post office loses money hand over fist
5. Stimulus "rebate" checks
7. Big increase in unemployment
8. "Bailout" Paulson as Treasury Secretary
9. Skyrocketing federal spending
10. Huge federal deficits

The interesting thing about these lists is their similarity. The same types of mistakes are made regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are running the show. Both Democrats and Republicans increase government spending, run up budget deficits and the federal debt, create huge entitlement expansions, formulate ineffective crackpot stimulus schemes, etc. Government waste, corruption, fraud, and ineffectiveness run rampant regardles of which party holds the reins of power. The only solution to this quandary is to limit the government grasp on those reins of power, especially regarding the government grab into our pockets, which will only lead to us all being slaves on the totalitarian government plantation. There is nowhere else such a pocket power grab CAN lead. Big Brother is alive and THRIVING.

My only disagreement with the Libertarians comes in the area of national security. The terrorist threat we face is real, and it is our duty to deal with it. Therefore, I'd remove a couple items from the Libertarian list.

From Obama's list, I'd remove '2. War Escalation In Afghanistan.' I don't think Obama had much of a choice there. If Obama had pulled out, the Afghanistan government (such as it is) would have collapsed. the Taliban would return to power, Al Qaeda would score an enormous victory against the superpower United States, greatly enhancing their position in the Middle East, and every Afghani who had cooperated with the United States would be slaughtered. It would be a bloodbath, and all our efforts of the past 8 years would be wasted.

From Bush's list, I'd remove '6. PATRIOT Act' for a similar reason. In order to deal with terrorism, we had to weigh one important area, civil liberties, against another important area, national security. There is always a natural tension between these two areas, and nobody cherishes our civil freedoms more than I do, yet, when international terrorists are hell bent on destroying this country, reality intrudes. At the end of the day, without national security there are no civil liberties, and it's the sworn duty of the President to protect the American people. So I give President Bush some latitude in this area, considering the hand he was dealt following 9/11. Just as Obama really had no choice but to deal with the hand he was dealt in Afghanistan, Bush had no choice but to address terrorism. If he hadn't, it would have been a gross dereliction of his duty. It's no coincidence that Obama is continuing almost all of the Bush anti-terrorism policies. He's doing it because it has to be done.

The one glaring omission from the Libertarian list, in my opinion, is the housing meltdown, which led to this massive recession. The government played a critical role in bringing that about with a series of policy changes over the last thirty+ years, even though Congress never bothers to say 'we're sorry.' In it's usual style, Congress always blames someone else for it's own mistakes. I guess that's why they call it 'politics' instead of 'the truth.' That also probably explains why most politicians are lawyers. They both lie for a living.

I have other items I'd put on the list, such as the rape of the Social Security Trust Fund, but that one has been going on for a long, long time, not just from 2001-2009.

I'll leave it to the readers to add any other government disasters to the above lists. There's sure a lot to choose from.



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