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Translating Pelosi-Speak

By Da King Published: January 19, 2009

nancy pelosi

Our esteemed Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), made an appearance on Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace yesterday. It's always interesting to listen to a Pelosi interview, for the same reason it's interesting to listen to an interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) -- they both spin, tell half-truths, and deceive to beat the band. As a public service, I'll try to translate some of what Pelosi said during yesterday's fabrication-fest with Wallace.

WALLACE: [On the lack of "bipartisanship"] ...we just had this vote on the TARP...and it only got six Republican votes in the Senate.

PELOSI: Well, it's amazing, because they had voted for it in much more — in stronger numbers when President Bush was president.

TRANSLATION: Republicans actually voted AGAINST the original TARP bailout too. And I'm pretty sure Bush was still the president during the vote to release the second $350 billion. Republicans defied Bush, who wants the money released. Maybe, Nancy, Republicans are voting in even lesser numbers for the second $350 billion because they see WE DON'T NEED TO SPEND THAT MONEY. What's amazing is that YOU don't see that. It was also originally the DEMOCRATS idea to break the $700 billion into traunches instead of releasing it all at once (and it was a good idea, put forth by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT)), which is the entire reason there was a second vote to begin with.

WALLACE: ...the economic stimulus package you're talking about. You barely got it out of your mouth before House Republicans, starting with John Boehner, started criticizing it [Boehner's exact words were, "Oh My God !"]. They said there's $650 million in there to help people convert to digital television. There's money to re-sod the National Mall. There's money in there for increasing college aid grants.

PELOSI: ...This is not an old-time public works investment package.

TRANSLATION: This IS an old-time public works investment package, and Boehner was right. I'm only surprised he didn't say "WTF" !!!

PELOSI: [Speaking further on the economic stimulus package] We have major investments for rebuilding the infrastructure of America in a very forward-looking way that reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Secondly, it is a commitment to innovation, to science, to keep America number one and competitive and grow our manufacturing base. Third, it is — and all of that depends on investment in education.

TRANSLATION: This IS a public works program, not economic stimulus. I'm not against all these things in general, but this is Democrats implementing their agenda, not stimulating the economy. They have reached a point where they are calling spending on absolutely anything 'economic stimulus.' If I was broke and my home was being foreclosed upon, I could pay somebody $800 to mow my lawn and paint my fence, and call it 'economic stimulus' [I created a job !], but that still wouldn't make it a very smart thing to do. I could have made a mortgage payment instead and done my own work.

PELOSI: We call that bipartisanship [working together with Republicans]. But it is — we are reflecting what the American people want us to do.

TRANSLATION: Hogwash. Let me give you an example of Pelosi's "bipartisanship." On the first day of the new session of Congress, Pelosi reversed a 100-year old House procedural rule known as the 'motion to recommit'. The motion to recommit allowed a bill to be sent back to committee for amendments, so extra add-ons to a bill couldn't be pushed through without a hearing, and so the minority party could make suggestions. That's G-O-N-E in Czarina Pelosi's House. Here's how Republican Roy Blunt describes Pelosi's naked power grab:

“These changes that the majority’s made are truly going to have negative effects on moving a positive agenda forward...They silenced the minority’s ability, in this case the Republicans’ ability, to bring other ideas to the floor...We used rules that had been in the rules package for at least a hundred years to maximum advantage in a way that brought other alternatives to the floor, that were used to take bills off the floor when they couldn’t defeat our efforts to send a bill back to committee…These tools of the motion to recommit, particularly the motion to recommit where the committee actually did have to look at the legislation again, were incredibly helpful to us and have now been taken away...These rules were put in place so that the minority would always have a chance to bring their ideas to the floor and even send a bill back to committee. Over and over again we were able to do that in the last Congress and apparently that was enough for Speaker Pelosi, and so this hundred-year-old precedent has been broken…This is a use of their power that appears to be in absolute contradiction to everything the next president said he wanted to do in Washington, and we’ll see if he’s the Barack Obama who ran for president and tries to make his party do the same, or the Barack Obama who was very comfortable being part of the Illinois political machine and never defied the party in any way.”

Pelosi also enacted another rule change, which eliminates the six-year term limit for committee chairmen. Here's Blunt again:

"[This is] a major reversal of the last dozen years of Republican majority,” which “further consolidates power in the hands of a few people and frankly makes more people have to go along with a very few leaders.”

Pelosi is not bipartisan. She's power hungry. She's divisive. She is diminishing the democratic process. Don't listen to her phony words. Look at her actions. They speak a lot louder.

And then the interview with Pelosi really went into la-la-land.

WALLACE: Isn't it a mistake to raise taxes [by reversing the Bush tax cuts] on anyone during a recession?

PELOSI: I will tell you this, that in '04, '06 and '08, we had campaigned in saying what the Republican Congressional Budget Office told us. Nothing contributed more to the budget deficit than the tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America.

TRANSLATION: Really Nancy ? It was those nasty Bush tax cuts that did it ? Not the fact that the federal budget INCREASED BY A TRILLION DOLLARS per year during that time ? This is as clear an insight into how the big government robber baron types think as you'll get (and yes, I know, Bush is one of them. Actions speak louder than words on both sides of the aisle). Pelosi can't even conceive of cutting federal spending. Nope. The only workable model for her is TAX AND SPEND. If the government doesn't have enough money (and it never does), heck, just TAX THE PEOPLE SOME MORE. It never ends. Then they wonder why people are worse off. Here's a hint for the Pelosi-types - the taxpayers are not a bottomless well.

Then Pelosi had the nerve to say this immediately following her call to raise taxes and spend $825 billion:

PELOSI: Fiscal discipline is central to what we do.

WALLACE: You're about to pass a $1 trillion spending program. That's not — that's not fiscal discipline.

PELOSI: No, no. It is discipline.

TRANSLATION: Fiscal discipline ???????? WTF ?!?!?! Er, I mean, OH-MY-GOD !!! Nancy Pelosi is dangerously insane. What started out as spending to keep our banking system from collapsing has morphed into a free-for-all Spend-a-Palooza. And if any Republican objects to the Democrats Spend-a-thon, the Dems just say 'but look what Bush did', as if that justifies any of it. It DOESN'T. This isn't fiscal discipline, it's a fiscal nightmare, the complete and utter abandonment of discipline. Bush has given the Dems just the opportunity they have always been waiting for to loot the private sector (taxpayers) and move Big Brother into hyperdrive. Aw, crap.



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