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Weiner Exposed !

By Da King Published: June 7, 2011

I shamelessly stole the above headline from commenter 2012, because it's too perfect not to use. No way could I come up with a better one. Thanks, 2012 !

The State Of The Nation: Unemployment just rose to 9.1%. Economic growth is anemic. Half the feeble number of jobs created last month came from McDonald's fast food restaurants (I wonder how Oz-bama is going to take credit for that ?). We're in debt up to our eyeballs. Housing prices are continuing downward. Gasoline is expensive. Health care costs are exploding. Commodity prices are rising. Congressional Democrats haven't produced a budget in over two years. We're involved in three wars in the Middle East. We're on an unsustainable fiscal many big problems in this country...

So let's talk about Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), since that's all our media seems interested in. Okay, I'm not being fair to our illustrious media. They are also interested in the sex scandals of John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to mention their ongoing obsession with bashing Sarah Palin all day every day (FYI - Palin was right about Paul Revere, you media dolts. Read a history book).

As for Weinergate, it turns out the weiner WAS Weiner's, and Weiner is a lying, twittering weiner who likes to sext up women on the internet. Is anyone shocked by this stuff anymore ? It seems almost routine by now. Weiner pulled a series of collosal boners in the aftermath of Weinergate, acting all cock-y and abrasive with reporters, but the New York Congressman says he will not go limp and resign. He still has a hard-on for power, and hopes to win future erections, er, I mean, elections. What a d*ck. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she will conduct an ethics investigation, to see if Weiner indeed has any ethics. All the evidence says no, and there's only a snowball's chance that liberal spinmeisters can still blame this all on Andrew Breitbart, as they tried to do when they ejaculated prematurely in his direction prior to Weiner blowing his load on televsion yesterday in the face of so much evidence against him and his penis. Now, of course, Weiner is truly sorry...sorry he got caught.

About the only thing that stands out about Weinergate, other than Weiner's shorts, is how bad his cover story was. It was obvious he was lying from the beginning. Very disappointing. I expect much better lies from our elected officials, and Weiner didn't live up to established congressional lying standards. Thus, how can he have a future on Capitol Hill ? I don't see it. Weiner could try to transform himself into one of those rare politicians who say what they really think, like Ron Paul (R-TX) or Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), but there's no surer way to be ostracized from the Congressional Country Club than that. Your own party will treat you like a loveable crank if you deviate from the party line, and the media will treat you like a joke. A media whore like Weiner wouldn't enjoy being laughed at, though at this point I don't see how the laughing could possibly get any louder.

For the benefit of Mr. Weiner, I offer the following video clip as instruction in the art of lying your butt off with sincerity. I present the Gold Standard, the Master Prevaricator, the most sincere liar I know, former presidential and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards:

That's how it's done, Mr. Weiner.

You can view some of Weiner's pathetic, combative, double-talking lies here. What an amateur, and I say that with "certitude".

Finally, let's not forget how the left-wing pseudo-news organization known as MSNBC tried it's best to discredit Breitbart to draw the attention away from their liberal man Weiner, a frequent MSNBC guest. This is must see video. It is truly sad, and truly representative of the way MSNBC conducts itself.



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