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What I Learned From The Democrats

By David King Published: September 7, 2012

The Democratic National Convention is over. Thank goodness. What an embarrassing charade.

Here's what I learned from the nation's top Democrats.

1. I learned the Democrats aren't democratic. Irony, anyone ? In a vote on a Democratic platform amendment to add the word "God" and affirm Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel, the leadership ignored the voices of it's own delegates, passing the amendment even though it clearly did not gather the necessary two-thirds approval. The very people who claim there is no voter fraud committed voter fraud at their own convention with the nation watching. Double irony, anyone ? As was pointed out by John Stewart on the Daily Show, the approval of the amendment was already on the teleprompter. The outcome of the vote had been pre-determined, which you can tell from the video:

2. I learned GM and Chrysler didn't go bankrupt. That's odd, because it was widely reported that they both did go through bankruptcy. There must be some gigantic media conspiracy afoot here (probably of a vast, right-wing nature), because Democrat after Democrat took the podium to claim they did not. The Dems claimed that only the evil Republican Mitt Romney wanted them to go bankrupt, and President Obama rode in on his white horse and saved both companies from such a fate (even though the auto bailouts began under Bush, and the TARP funds Obama used for his portion of the bailouts were made available by Bush. For some reason, the Dems left that part out. Weird, huh ?). Here's a hyperventilating  Democrat named Jennifer Granholm making the strange moment, please....I'm told this wild Granholm person is the Governor of Michigan ??? Seriously ??? Wow. Couldn't they find any sane people to run that state ?

 3. I learned we are better off under Obama's wise leadership. This is good news, because I could have sworn the federal debt just passed $16 trillion and Obama has added $5.4 trillion to it in under four years, a record presidential debt accumulation. I thought we've had annual federal deficits far above a trillion dollars every single year of Obama's presidency. I thought the labor workforce participation rate was the lowest since 1948, and the long-awaited economic recovery has not happened. I thought we were still down many million jobs from pre-recession levels. I thought the stock market was still below pre-recession levels. I thought GDP was still below pre-recession levels. I thought government dependency has skyrocketed to it's highest level ever on Obama's watch. I thought American wages have dropped by over $4K on average during Obama's tenure, dropping more under Obama's "recovery" than they did during the recession itself, with the middle class being hit the hardest. I thought after nearly four years of Obama's leadership that gas prices have risen, the misery index has gone up, unemployment is higher, and poverty rates are higher (link). I thought a wide majority of Americans agree that we are worse off under Obama.

How lucky we are to have the Democrats to set me straight, who tell us to ignore these stubborn things known as "facts". What a relief.  This also explans why Obama's campaign theme is 'Forward" this time around, because he sure doesn't want us looking at NOW, or the past four years either.

The other thing I learned from the Democrats was, they believe lying is perfectly acceptable (and even preferable to the truth), as long as one lies with conviction and the lie promotes their cause. That's because they are the "moral" party. But if I started listing ALL the lies I heard at the Demcratic National Convention, we'd literally be here all day, so I'll wrap it up for now.





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