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What Was That About Political Rhetoric ?

By Da King Published: August 18, 2011

Looks like I have some time to kill until President Obama unveils his jobs plan next month (no rush, Mr. President), which I'm certain will save the nation (satire intended) unless those "terrorist" (Biden's word), "un-patriotic" (Pelosi's word), "radical" (Reid's word) House Republicans put "ideology above country" (Obama's phrase) and shoot it down for partisan reasons (irony apparent to everyone except liberals). The President will be putting the finishing touches on his plan to

get re-elected save America while vacationing at Martha's Vineyard, lifestyle choice of the rich and famous. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Mr. President.

But not to worry, this President will never forget his roots (Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, etc). Even though Obama now farts through silk, he once knew the heavy weight of oppression, like when he was asked to repay his student loans from Harvard Law School. One can only imagine how he must have suffered. I used to think George Washington and his men had it rough at Valley Forge until I heard Obama talk about his student loans. Now I know what real pain must feel like. With such tribulations in his past, it's a wonder Obama didn't become a blues singer instead of going into politics. Lucky for us, eh ? Therefore, I have no doubt he will remain in touch with the common man (his waiters, bellhops, maids, sommeliers, drivers, etc).

But what am I supposed to write about while I wait around for Obama to save me next month ??? How can I drive my ship without my Captain, my rudder ? What are we supposed to do while we wait around for Obama to produce some jobs for us ? I feel your pain, liberals. Without Obama around to take care of me, I might have to...think for and take care of myself ??? No way, Jose. The heck with that. What is this, Somalia ??? That's way too scary a proposition.

But maybe, I'll give it a try just this once until O Captain! My Captain! returns from his self-imposed exile in paradise. Let's see, what should I write about without The One's guidance ??? Hmmm...

I could write about the government-dependent low-class warriors who are rioting in England, where the mob is expressing it's moral outrage by...stealing flatscreen televisions ??? Btw, don't believe for a second that the British riots are about the police shooting someone. They aren't, just as the 1992 L.A. riots weren't really about Rodney King. Those putative "causes" merely serve as excuses for the thugs to behave like thugs.

I could write about how John King, a non-union electrical contractor in Toledo, Ohio, was shot and had the word 'scab' written on his truck, and about how he was repeatedly threatened, intimidated, and abused by union thugs. But you know, after a few thousand incidents of union-perpetrated and other assorted violence from the left, you kind of become numb to it. I know the mainstream media is numb to it, because you'd think the common left-wing violence was non-existent in this country if you listen to the mainstream media. They are too busy trying to convince us that the far rarer instances of violence from the right are the existential threat, even if they have to manufacture that "threat" out of whole cloth, as they tried to do when that crazy liberal pothead shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killed several other people. Our "reporters" in the media insanely tried to pin that one on Sarah Palin's crosshairs election map, without a shred of evidence that the deranged metalhead anarchist kid had ever even heard of it, let alone seen it or acted on it. Our mainstream media is just "responsible" like that. Liberals calling for toning down the "violent political imagery and rhetoric" from a frigging campaign election map was all the rage among liberals for five minutes, but now the top Democrats in the country are calling Republicans anti-American terrorists and radicals. It truly boggles the mind how quickly liberals forget all about what they said yesterday. Obama's recent specialty has been calling for toning down partisan rhetoric, which he immediately follows up with twenty minute speeches filled to the brim with partisan rhetoric. I don't know how his speechwriters can keep a straight face when they conjure up this stuff.

I could write about the gang of hundreds of blacks youths beating up white people at the Wisconsin State Fair. That event has also been mysteriously scrubbed from the media, but I guarantee you if the reverse had happened, we'd have an army of reporters and a national conversation on race taking place, with massive protests, Al Sharpton, and President Obama jumping into the fray to figure out where we had gone so wrong as a nation. Stronger hate crime legislation would be called for. Lest you should think this is a one-time event, it is not. The same type of thing happened recently in Illinois, South Carolina, and other places. The fact is, black on white crime is far greater than the reverse, even though you'll never hear that from our politically correct mainstream media either. The subject is taboo, and I guarantee you some liberal reading this is thinking I must be some kind of racist for even mentioning it. That's how conditioned and brainwashed they've become.

I could write about a recent study from Duke University/UNC, that concluded only 6% of American terrorists were Muslims from 1980-2005. Liberals have been using that study to bash concerns about Muslim violence here, but in typical liberal fashion, they entirely miss the point. The study actually shows that Muslims are the most demographically prone-to-terrorism group in America by a wide margin, but liberals forget to tell you that part. They focus on the 6% number instead. They don't bother to mention that Muslims are only 0.6% of the population, making that 6% number a very high percentage indeed for such a small group of Americans. Plus, terrorist groups like Al Qaeda really didn't start operating until the 1990's, and the study starts from 1980.

Even more interesting is who the study said DOES commit terrorist acts in America. Here's the pie chart:

According to the study, which comes from FBI statistics on terrorism, Latinos are the most terrorist group, at 42%. I assume that is due primarily to violence associated with the drug wars. In second place for the most terrorist acts is, drumroll please, LEFT-WING GROUPS, at 24% (29% when you include communist groups). I don't even see a category for right-wing terrorism, which means there aren't enough terrorist acts from the right to qualify for it's own category.

Here's a political thought experiment for you. Look at all the terrorist groups in the above pie chart, as well as the examples I cited in my post, and ask yourself, do these groups vote for Democrats or Republicans ??????? The answer is pretty obvious. They vote for Democrats.

So tell me, WHOSE POLITICAL RHETORIC NEEDS TO BE TONED DOWN BECAUSE OF THE VIOLENCE IT MIGHT INSPIRE ?????????????? The media pretends it's the rhetoric of the right, but reality says it's the rhetoric of the left.



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