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Why Do Liberals Support Obama ?

By Da King Published: May 30, 2011

When I look at everything President Obama has "accomplished" in nearly 2 1/2 years on the job, I don't have much of an answer to the above question. Consider this:

- Obama has accumulated nearly $4 trillion in new debt since he took office. No President has ever come close to running up debt at this pace. The deficit for this year is estimated to be over $1.6 trillion. What do you think liberals would be saying if Bush was doing this ??? Obama is running up debt twice as fast as Bush did. Obama's budget proposal adds another $9-13 trillion in debt over the next decade, a recipe for economic destruction.

- The Guantanamo Bay prison is still open, despite candidate Obama's promise to close it within a year. Obama has endorsed the unlimited detention of enemy combatants without trial. Obama has endorsed trials by military commissions. Rendition (CIA secret overseas prisons) continues under the Obama administration.

- Obama just signed an extension of key provisions of the Patriot Act into law, which include the power to set roving wiretaps, extract information on suspects' business or library records, and engage in secret surveillance of non-American suspects not known to be tied to any terrorist group.

- Remember how the left was outraged over Bush issuing executive orders (Bush issued 290 in 8 years) ? As of March 1, 2011, Obama had issued 77 executive orders, roughly the same rate as Bush, yet I've never heard a peep about it.

- Obama campaigned against NAFTA, saying he would renegotiate that deal. He didn't. What Obama did do was sign a free trade deal with Colombia.

- Democrats are outraged over Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare because seniors will have to pay more for health care insurance (Medicare spending cuts), but Democrats cut Medicare already. ObamaCare cut $575 billion from Medicare, and siphoned most of that money ($410 billion) to Medicaid in order to partially pay for ObamaCare insurance subsidies, yet I never heard any left-wing demagoguery about pushing grandma over the cliff when that happened. In addition, ObamaCare creates a Medicare advisory board (IPAB) that does a lot more than advise. IPAB will unilaterally make decisions on Medicare pricing and coverages. If the 15-member IPAB decides grandma doesn't get that kidney she needs, grandma doesn't get the kidney, and there's nothing Congress can do about it. Sarah Palin famously referred to the IPAB as Obama's "death panels", which liberals denounced as a lie. Um, no, Palin wasn't lying. She was telling a truth liberals didn't want to acknowledge. Also mssing from the Democrats' wailing and gnashing of teeth over Ryan's plan is the fact that SOMEBODY will have to pay more for Medicare in the future. We either have to pay more, or cut services. The demagoguery of the Democrats accomplishes nothing, though it does make for good meaningless political imagery.

- Obama was the anti-war candidate in 2008, and now he has us involved in a third war, this time in Libya. Obama has also upped the number of predator drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and other places where Congress has not authorized war. Also, as I pointed out the other day, the Libyan War is now illegal under the 1973 War Powers Act. Obama openly advocates using our military to push democracy in the Middle East, a position liberals strenuously objected to when Bush advocated it. By the way, does anybody see any anti-war protestors these days ?? Why not ?? We're involved in, count 'em, THREE wars, more if you count the predator strikes in other countries.

- The highest unemployment rate under Bush was 7.6%, and the average unemployment rate under Bush was about 5.5%. Unemployment after nearly 2 1/2 years of Obama is 9% (and in reality 17%). I know there are mitigating circumstances here, but remember, Obama said with his stimulus package, unemployment would never exceed 8%. The stimulus was a failure. The CBO has recently upped the cost estimate of the stimulus, so now it's an $830 billion failure.

What liberals hated most about Bush were war, his anti-terrorism policies, and the debt he ran up. Obama has continued almost all of those policies. Liberals also hated the Bush tax cuts, which, btw, Obama extended.

So, I ask liberals, what are you supporting about Obama, other than the fact he's a Democrat ? And why should that matter ? I suppose liberals could support ObamaCare, which is a big new entitlement program (which comes at a time we can't figure out how to pay for our existing entitlement programs), but ObamaCare is also a big new source of revenue for the insurance companies that liberals claim to detest. Obama is mandating that we buy insurance from those detestable free market companies that liberals want to do away with, so libs can't be very happy with that either. ObamaCare subsidies are rather like Ryan's Medicare plan that liberals hate, but liberals give Obama credit for his "accomplishment", while they hate Ryan for his. I suppose liberals like the single-payer Medicare model that will help bankrupt the country (Medicare had $79 trillion in unfunded liabilities last time I checked), but that seems rather more like the problem than the solution to me. My major problem with single-payer is, who controls prices and how are consumers incentivized to control costs ? I mean, if somebody else was paying for your car, would you be more likely to buy a Buick or a Mercedes ? With single-payer, the only cost control is the government hammer (and sickle). There has to be a better way.

And liberals, if you believe Obama's financial reform legislation is going to have any effect on the $608 TRILLION currency and credit derivates market (aka, credit default swaps), you're living in even more of a fantasyland that I thought.

I can easily list all the reasons I think Obama is a terrible President, and I have done so on this blog. What I'd like to know is why liberals support him, because I don't get it.



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