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Yes Sir, That's My Baby

By Da King Published: July 14, 2008

Above is a photo of an aborted fetus (story below)

From the Wayward Home For Mentally Ill Moonbats: There have been some celebrations of the death of former White House Press Secretary and Fox News host Tony Snow on the left-wing blogosphere. The link provided is but one example. Sick freaks.

The return of Clintonian politics ?: We all remember how the Clintons used to sell access to the Lincoln Bedroom. We also remember how Marc Rich's wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library, and then Marc Rich was granted a miraculous last minute pardon by Bubba as he and Hillary were exiting the White House with the good china and silver flatware in tow (at least they left that condom covered Christmas tree behind. Classy - as if Bubba hadn't degraded the presidency enough already). Well, now it may be that the Bushies are taking a page from Slick Willie's pay-for-access playbook. Stephen Payne, a lobbyist with close White House ties is selling opportunities to meet Bush luminaries, such as Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, or even the Big Bush himself for a mere $250,000 presidential library donation. In addition, the Bushies will supposedly even say nice things about the donator in exchange for the do-re-mi. Isn't that cozy ? If this story is real, expect to hear a LOT more about it in coming days. This isn't some Democrat getting a sweetheart deal on housing (Obama, Dodd, Rangel). This is a REPUBLICAN scandal. That's big news, baby. I think we should frog march Karl Rove out of the White House, pronto. What's that ? He's already out ? Oh....Well, then, let's boot Scooter Libby out on his can then. What's that ? Oh.......

The Daily Obamanations: While kissing up to La Raza the other day, Barack Obama referred to our illegal immigration enforcement personnel as terrorists and fascists. Hmmm. And here I always thought they were, like, LAW ENFORCEMENT !!! I don't have a fancy Harvard law degree like Obama does, so I guess I could be wrong. Maybe the next time I get busted for

running an interstate gambling ring a traffic ticket, I'll call the police officers a bunch of fascist terrorists. I'll tell them Obama told me so. That should work out just fine.

Not to worry, however. Obama assures us he is against crime in general, and wants capital punishment for Bin Laden as long as the whole world agrees with us, and as long as Bin Laden doesn't become a martyr, and as long as we all understand Obama isn't generally in favor of capital punishment, except for when he is, which usually he's not, mostly, except in the case of narrowly defined child rape or other narrowly defined unspecified crimes and circumstances, but not when they are gang-related or fall upon select minority groups more heavily, and stuff like that. It's crystal clear, really, and that's a debate Obama is happy to have, because McCain is like Bush. Failed policies. Hope and change. Yes we can. Changing for change. New. Improved. Economy size. A chicken in every pot. Tippecanoe and Tyler too. Keep hope alive. We are the ones we've been looking at, er, waiting for. I believe that children are the future. I love babies, little fuzzy ducks, and America. Education is super neato. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste, gibberish, gibberish, gibberish......

Sorry, everyone. It's just that I get so carried away with my Obama euphoria. He's so, so...brilliant.

Slippery slope THIS, you SOB: Speaking of Obama's "brilliance", have you heard about Barry Brilliant voting against the 2001 Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act ??? A federal version of the same act was signed into law in 2002 by George W. Bush. It states that if a child being aborted is born still ALIVE, then it may not be killed after it's born. In other words, it states that a live born baby IS a LIVE BORN BABY. This is pretty obvious stuff for most people. When most of us see a baby crying and squirming around on the delivery table, we assume it's a baby, not a clump of inhuman tissue that can be disposed of at our discretion. We'd refer to the killing of a birthed live baby as MURDER. Not Barack Obama. He assumed it was a threat to Roe v. Wade and voted against the rights of the live babies to live. I kid you not. I couldn't make THIS up. If you want to watch something really pathetic, watch CNN attempt to rehabilitate Obama's twisted vote on the Act. Listen to James Carville's spin near the end for some real inanity. This is freaking unbelievable.

No word yet on how Obama will vote on Dr. Mengele's upcoming proposal to extend the right of abortion into the twenty third trimester. Word is, Barry's leaning towards voting "present".



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