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You Are Responsible For Yourself

By Da King Published: July 2, 2010

The most unjust law in America is.....

Existing tax law, which is a violation of the founding principles of this country. We are taxed unequally. That is in direct contradiction to "all men are created equal," and also a constitutional violation of equal protection under the law. Today, the main source of that violation is known as the income tax. There is NO reason to tax someone who makes $60,000 at a higher rate than someone who makes $20,000. None. It's discriminatory, and we should not tolerate it. The Founders didn't tolerate such a thing. Until the introduction of the permanent income tax in 1913 (with the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), all taxes were required by the Constitution to be apportioned among the states (applied equally). That's how it should be, but with the establishment of the income tax, politicians were able to begin the dishonest political games they play today, where they pit one group of citizens against another, and where they discriminate against one person for the benefit of another. It's no surprise that our country became divided following such bigoted political maneuvers. It was at that point we started to reject 'all men are created equal' in favor of 'I'll vote for whomever gives me the most money.' The income tax was a prescription for the division of our country, class hatred, and greed. It has given rise to such illogical pronunciations as the left-wingers saying the wealthy 'don't pay their fair share' in income taxes, when in reality the wealthy are taxed at 35%, the highest bracket, and pay the lion's share of the taxes in this country. Meantime, the poorer citizens are taxed at less than zero of their incomes, receiving income credits from the government when they don't make enough money. Every working American citizen should pay an equal percentage share toward funding the government of this country. Ideally, it should be a low percentage, say 10%. That would be enough to fund the federal government's proper role, even though not a single Democrat will probably believe me.

The income tax has given rise to full out class warfare. Right now, liberals reading this are formulating their 'why does King advocate for the rich ?' arguments, even though that is not at all what I am doing. I want to take away all the subsidies and welfare for the rich too. I'm only advocating for EQUALITY, which is the very basis of a free and just country. You can't take half of Citizen A's money and hand it over to Citizen B for no reason other than Citizen B has less. That is unjust in the extreme, but many of our politicians today run their campaigns by pimping that injustice. They actually encourage the unjust to get out and vote for them. That's what President Obama's redistribution of wealth message was all about. People thought they were going to get something for nothing. It's not about justice, it's about something Obama and company refer to as 'social justice,' which is another way of saying 'injustice,' 'theft,' or "preference.' There's no such thing as social justice. That isn't a concept of liberty and equality. It's a concept of handouts. The only legitimate uses of government are to promote liberty, security, oversight, and equality (of opportunity) under the law. All else is a perversion. The government isn't there to give you money you didn't earn. What kind of twisted nonsense is that ? Imagine your neighbor earning twice what you earn, and you thinking you are entitled to half his money based on the sole reason that he makes more. Then imagine taking that money from him by force (robbery). That would be a crime, a felony. It's ridiculous, yet that's what our government has instituted on a massive scale to justify it's wildly out-of-control spending habits, which have resulted in us being fiscally unsustainable and divided as a nation. We are literally going bankrupt because of it.

My only caveat would be that we should provide help for the physically and mentally disabled, and others unable to care for themselves. I also agree we should provide temporary help to those who meet with misfortune. That's what a compassionate society does, but creating a massive and permanent welfare state with everyone dependent on Uncle Sam will only lead to our destruction. It's destroying Europe, and we're next. We use the tax code to subsidize everything under the sun these days, even corporations as wealthy as the big oil companies. It's unbelievable and disgraceful. We are fostering a belief that the people can't get along without the government intervening in their lives every step of the way. That was never true, and it never will be true. That kind of thinking only leads to irresponsible and reckless behavior, with the people thinking the government will bail them out (and boy, has the government ever proven them right. The government is bailing out everthing). Many people have even come to believe that the government OWES them, which is just another way of saying another taxpayer owes them, because all government funds come from the taxpayers. It's a crock. The socialist idea of 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his need' is nothing but a moral relativistic justification for thievery. It's no different than breaking into someone's house and stealing his money. It's criminal behavior. You aren't entitled to the fruits of another man's labor. I can't go to Lebron James' house and force him to give me half his cash because he makes more than I do (and not only because I'm sure he could whup my butt). Nobody would ever tolerate such behavior, but somehow we do tolerate it when the government acts as the middleman. We let the government do our stealing for us, and then pretend we're innocent as we receive the stolen property. We aren't innocent. We're complicit.

The ends do NOT justify the means. I may want my wealthy neighbor's shiny new Harley, but that doesn't mean I have the right to take it, or that I should get the government to take it for me. If I want a shiny new Harley like my neighbor's, that just means I should figure out a way to work toward getting it, or live without it. The end.

Oh, how liberals are going to hate this post. Bring it on, you bunch of thieves.

P.S. - I do realize this idea of equal taxation and limited government would pretty much kill the marxist/socialist/communist aspirations to power in this country. Hmmm. What a shame. I guess I'll just have to live with that.



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