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Weekly 'B' Deck Report - Minnesota

By Jeremy Published: October 27, 2009

Ohio State bounced back from last weeks' Purdue loss with a 38-7 victory over Minnesota this past Saturday. After enduring a week of media and fan back-lash - the Offense rebounded with over 500 yards of offense. Appearantly, last weeks scrutiny 'humbled' an admittedly 'cocky' Terrelle Pryor. Pryor referred to life lessons given to him from Lebron James and Shaquille O'Neal in a post-game interview. He talked about the fans impact, and how to deal with pressure. After scoring his first touchdown on Saturday - Pryor turned to the Ohio Stadium crowd as if to say, "how did you like that"...or..."how do you like me NOW".

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Weekly 'B' Deck Report - Purdue

By Jeremy Published: October 21, 2009

Buckeye fans are undoubtedly too critical, too fanatical, too brash, and too 'football intelligent', or at least think they are, but when Jim Tressel addressed whether or not he had thought about benching Pryor for Bauserman, he said, "No" - drawing a mouth-dropping, forehead-curling reaction from the room, and from the entire Buckeye Nation. He didn't say," I thought about it" or, "I considered it", he quickly and confidently said, simply,"No". As a Buckeye fan this is a huge concern. Why? Well, let's look at some other statements, "Terrelle hasn't been perfect in games , but he's coming along". Jim, at what time during Saturdays game, exactly, did you fall asleep and decide NOT to watch the football game? Let us look at yet another Sweatervest quote when a reporter compared Pryor's meltdown to Todd Boeckman's' similiar 'turnover meltdown',"I'm not sure they're comparable at all", he said. Again, Jim, at what time during Saturday's game did you fall asleep and decide NOT to watch the football game? The concern comes from the clear lack of acknowledgement in terms of the staff admitting that there are offensive problems, and not being willing to talk about changes, or to make any changes for that matter. Now, I'm not saying that they should start Bauserman this weekend. I'm simply stating that there is a time and a place to sit a qb when he's struggling. That time and place was mid-way through the third quarter of Saturday's football game. I'm not sure I've seen a quarterback struggle more than that since I threw 4 interceptions against Westerville North in High School nearly 20 years ago. Terrelle's leash is longer than the Appalachian Trail. For me, I never played quarterback again!

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Weekly 'B' Deck Report - Wisconsin

By Jeremy Published: October 12, 2009

It seems that no matter how Ohio State performs, and no matter the outcome, many media outlets will create a negative spin on the Buckeyes.  That's why I'm here.

I could say that the Badgers dominated the total yards.  In fact, they doubled Ohio State in total yards 368 to 184.  Another anomaly worth mentioning would be the Badgers 42:47/17:13 edge in time of possession.  Wisconsin took the first 26 offensive snaps of the second half.  All proof of only one thing - Stats are overrated.

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Weekly 'B' Deck Report - Indiana

By Jeremy Published: October 6, 2009

Weekly 'B' Deck Report - Indiana

Parking at Indiana is like being on the wrong end of a bird dropping. It stinks, it's unexpected, it ruins the moment, and you are not going to live it down for quite some time. Now I know why the stadium in Bloomington is always half-empty at Kick-off. Well, at least that is one of the reasons. I'd complain, but Chicken Skat is the primary reason my tomato plants are still producing only two-and-a-half weeks shy of Halloween.

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